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Yogananda International Conference from Feb 20

The economic environment is dynamic and challenging. Keeping this in mind, the Faculty of Management Sciences and Liberal Arts at Shoolini University is organising a two-day Yogananda International Conference on Contemporary Issues in Social Sciences (YICCISS) from February 20.

The primary objective of the conference is to bring together academicians, industry experts, practitioners, professionals, researchers and policy makers from different domains in social sciences for a discussion on issues related to economic environment. The conference will also create awareness about the latest developments and trends in the economic and business environment, along with their implications on the society.

The forum will facilitate interaction among members inside and outside their own respective disciplines to enjoy the fellowship of other professionals and scholars in the field. 

Prof Kuldeep Rojhe, Director MBA, FMSLA and convener of the conference, said the international conference would be held virtually this time. “It’s a platform to bring out new ideas, new research in social sciences, especially during the pandemic, which changed the way we live, consume, and appreciate things around us,” he added.

YICCISS is an endeavour to demystify the contemporary issues and challenges in the field of social sciences. The International Conference will offer platform to share vital and recent developments in the area of Social Sciences in the domains of Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management and Technological Advancement. The academic platform also aims at an opportunity to extend networking opportunities, foster communication between academia and corporate from all across the globe. Participants will jointly unveil and collaborate with current and future research directions in the field of Social Sciences.

Scholars can send research papers at yicciss@shooliniuniversity.com

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