Shoolini University Research Article among top 100 downloaded papers

Another great achievement has come the Shoolini way! A research article written by Shoolini University scientists has found place among the Top 100 downloaded Chemistry papers for Scientific Reports in 2020. 

The paper, ‘Photocatalytic dye degradation and antimicrobial activities of Pure and Ag-doped ZnO using Cannabis Sativa leaf extract’, was downloaded by 2,697 people, says Scientific Reports 2020 by Nature Portfolio Journal.

Prof Rajesh Kumar and Prof Sourabh Kulshrestha, authors of the research paper, said two of their PhD research scholars had worked for more than three years on the eco-friendly synthesis of nanoparticles from the Himalayan natural herbs and plants and developed their own method for the same. They further elaborated that their team had successfully synthesised pure ZnO (Zinc Oxide) and Ag-doped ZnO by an eco-friendly method using Cannabis Sativa leaves. 

The Cannabis Sativa leaves are used as a reducing and capping agent and can be used safely for eco-friendly synthesis. They collaborated with Prof Khalid Mujasam Batoo’s research team from King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Other contributors of the research articles are, Ankush Chauhan and Ritesh Verma, who wrote the main manuscript. Swati, Anand Sharma, and Pooja Shandilya did the figure and data arrangement. Xiangkai Li, Rajesh Sharma and Saurabh Kulshrestha provided the experimental guidance and arrangements for carrying out the research work. Khalid Mujasam Batoo and Ahmad Imran did the proofreading, corrections, and feedback in the paper.

Kudos to the teamwork!

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