Shoolini Trustee Nishtha Anand is among Top 10 women leaders

A pioneering personality in higher education, Mrs Nishtha Shukla Anand, Executive Trustee of the Foundation of Life Sciences and Business Management and Director of Shoolini University, is among the top 10 women leaders in education.

The honour was conferred upon Mrs Anand by the Higher Education Review, a monthly magazine published from Bengaluru, which specialises in higher education.

The citation stated that Mrs Anand “enjoys a visionary status in the field of higher education strata with her knowledge and wisdom” and that “she was leading young minds towards promising careers”.

It said that while working as a trustee and director at Shoolini University, she “focusses on multiple areas of communications and digital growth for the institution. Along with that, over the last three years, she has been a cornerstone in providing rightful recognition for the wealth and knowledge of research that scientists and academicians of Shoolini University are working on”.

“Education is close to my heart. We set out to create an institution of higher learning in Himachal Pradesh, which is giving world class education .... Shoolini University came as an ideal platform where we enable students from all backgrounds to benefit from the world class faculty and industry experts”.

A content marketer, poet and digital entrepreneur, Mrs Anand is the founder of tech publishing initiative She also launched Pen Pundit media services to offer content and digital marketing support to startups as well as blue chip companies.

Her journey to the top started with the India Today Group and international news agency Reuters.

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