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Shoolini celebrates Prerna Diwas with gusto

Prerna Diwas celebrations to mark the 81st birthday of Chancellor Prof PK Khosla began with a Pooja and Hawan at the temple on the Shoolini campus on Thursday.

During the day, Prof Khosla inaugurated the Cancer Biology Lab, which will focus on developing new ways to treat cancer, said Prof Kamal Dev, who heads the project. The research conducted in the lab will open new horizons for anti-cancer drug discovery, he said.

The Chancellor also inaugurated the Food Testing Laboratory, funded by the Ministry of Food Processing and Industries, Government of India. It is the only lab of its kind established in Himachal Pradesh. The laboratory is equipped with highly modern facilities such as spectrometry (ICP-OES), gas (GC-MS/MS) and liquid chromatography (UHPLC). Dr Anil Kumar and Prof Dinesh Kumar, Coordinators of the lab, said this laboratory could identify various toxic components in food, such as pesticides, antibiotics, natural toxins, heavy metals, adulterants, chemical preservatives, etc. Further, it could also be utilised for the nutritional profiling of various food commodities. 

A Solar Hut was also inaugurated by Prof Khosla. This unique and innovative structure has been manufactured in-house at the Faculty of Engineering and Technology workshop, Shoolini University. The idea behind the hut is conservation of energy by maintaining the temperature inside the hut by utilizing solar energy. The structure has been innovated and fabricated by Dr Abhilash Pathania, Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering and a team comprising Mr Raj Kumar, Lab Technician, Mr Mohan Singh, Machining Instructor and Mr  Khem Thakur, Workshop Attendant.


A tree plantation ceremony was also held on the campus, followed by a cricket match played between Chancellor’s 11 (Teaching) and Registrar’s 11 (Non-Teaching). The match was won by Registrar’s 11.

Mrs Saroj Khosla, Prof Sunil Puri, Prof Anuradha, Prof Somesh Sharma, Mr MD Sharma, Dr Rahul Thory, Dr Rupak, Mrs Archana Sinhmar, Ms Shristhi Mathur, and other dignitaries of the university attended the various functions. Prof Khosla thanked everyone for their wishes and support.



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