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Chancellor shares experiences at webinar on Yoga Therapy

Shoolini University Chancellor Prof PK Khosla shared his experiences on yoga therapy during a webinar on ‘Yoga Therapy: An Overview’ organised by the School of Ancient Indian Wisdom & Yogic Studies at Shoolini University. 

The welcome address was delivered by Prof Sourabh Subodh Singh, who also introduced the guest speaker, Dr Annapurna K, professor and Head of the department at Division of Yoga, Manipal University, Karnataka. She has 29 years of experience in the field of Yoga. She delivered her lecture on yoga therapy and its relevance in today’s times.

Prof Annapurna explained ‘Yamas’ and ‘Niyamas’ very beautifully with their therapeutic benefits. She also mentioned many ‘Sutras’ and ‘Shlokas’ from various authentic old yogic texts. She further stated that with the help of Yoga therapy, people could save their lives from COVID-19 and explained the significance of Yoga therapy principles like ‘Asana, Ahara, Pranayama’, etc., to maintain good health and treating diseases. Yogic practices were very effective to avoid the infection of respiratory tract, she added. 

The webinar was hosted by Dr Subodh Saurabh, Head of the Department, School of Yoga.

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