Chancellor releases book on Women Empowerment

Shoolini University Chancellor Prof PK Khosla released a book on women empowerment, titled, ‘Women Empowerment: Status and Perspectives’.

The volume is a compilation of papers edited by Prof (Dr) Nandan Sharma, Head, School of Law, Shoolini University. It comprises 22 papers written by scholars from various institutions of the country.

The foreword for the manuscript has been written by Prof Pam Rajput, Professor Emeritus Panjab University, Chandigarh, former chairperson, High Level Committee on the Status of Women, Government of India, and member, UN Women Advisory Committee (India).

The book provides an account of the conceptual dimensions of issues related to women. A wide range of issues have been covered from the constitutional rights and status to sexual violence, pornography, domestic violence, which has been on the increase during the pandemic, gender identity and sexual orientation, multiculturalism, etc., to mention a few. 

Praising the author, the Chancellor said we must make some valuable contributions like this to the society to empower the vulnerable section of the society, including women and children. He advised the students to study, conduct research, and publish them in the form of books, articles, so that some relevant material may be circulated in the society. He congratulated all those behind the making of the manuscripts.

Prof Nandan Sharma said the book was a valuable contribution to the existing literature. It would be useful not only to teachers, researchers, and students of the law faculty, but other disciplines as well, he added.

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