Book titled, 'Covid’s Metamorphosis' launched

The human spirit is invincible and remains strong despite all hardships and challenges. To celebrate this resolute nature of humanity, Shoolini University’s Belletristic literature society has launched a literary landmark, an e-book titled, 'Covid’s Metamorphosis'. This is the first international collection of unusual and original stories from across the globe, emphasising the triumph of the human spirit.

Edited by Prof Manju Jaidka and Dr Nilak Datta, this e-book is a collection of tales that record how human lives have been radically transformed with the Corona Virus rampaging across the globe.

The book launch session was presided over by Prof Malashri Lala, an eminent academician and author from Delhi University. In her presidential remarks, the professor complimented the editors and Shoolini University for organising meaningful literary events on a regular basis. “The internet is glutted with content on Covid, but this e-book stands out for its uniqueness and originality,” she added.

The stories are unpublished contributions, written especially for this collection. Authors have documented the struggle of the human soul against an unprecedented calamity, groping for ways to overcome the challenges, and simultaneously seeking light at the end of the tunnel. The authors hail from different geographical locations, each with a story to narrate that is unique but, at the same time, resonates in the lives of the readers.

Shoolini University Pro VC Prof Atul Khosla addressed the session and appreciated the monumental work. He was of the opinion that a ground-breaking collection like this deserves to be on the syllabi of universities and perhaps Shoolini would set an example by offering a course on it.

The e- book has been edited and compiled by Prof Manju Jaidka, HOD, English Department, Shoolini University and Dr Nilak Datta of BITS Pilani – Goa Campus. The contributors from India and abroad include Aleksander Boskovic, Anupam Nahar, Asra Mamnoon, Cora L.

Hardt, Disha Pokhriyal, Eric Chinje, Howard Wolf, Ketaki Datta, Krishnamurari Mukherjee, M. Siddique Khan, Mahesh Sharma, Mandeep Kaur, Meenakshi Tiwari, Mitul Sarkar, Mukesh Williams, Nishi Pulugurtha, Payel Dutta Chowdhury, Pedro Panhoca, Pratima Agnihotri, Pratip Mazumdar, Sagar Pandya, Shikha Thakur, Sudipta Saha, Sunaina Jain, Suneeta Patnayak, Sunita Singh, Takbeer Salati, Virginia R. Dominguez, Vivek Sachdeva, and Yeshim Ternar.

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