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Dual Degree Program with
The University of Melbourne

Shoolini University offers a dual degree BSc/B Tech program where students complete 2 years at our campus and the other two at The University of Melbourne. Students spend the last 2 years in the vibrant city of Melbourne. The program integrates four core disciplines of science — Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Bio Sciences — into a common mandatory curriculum for all Year 1 & 2 students.

In Year 3 & 4,students can select subjects from a diverse choice of majors at The University of Melbourne.

Shoolini University is the No.1 Private University in India, and The University of Melbourne is the No.1 University in Australia.

What The University of Melbourne Delivers

  • Awards a BSc Advanced (Honours) degree after 4th year
  • Curriculum design & development that runs at Shoolini for the first 2 years
  • Last 2 years conducted at The University of Melbourne campus
  • Monitoring of learning outcomes and graduate attributes

What Shoolini University Delivers

  • Selects & enrols students for The University of Melbourne program
  • Lectures, tutorials, practical classes, and on-site support provided for the first 2 years
  • Ongoing assessments such as practical reports and essavs
  • Awards a BSc/B Tech degree after 4th year

Semester Fee

  • Years 1 & 2, Shoolini University: ₹8.2 lacs per annum
    (including hostel, tuition fee, exam fee)
    5% increase in domestic tuition fee in 2nd year
  • Years 3 & 4, The University of Melbourne :
    Click Here

Future-Ready Majors

Students can choose subjects from a diverse range of majors like

  • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • Cell and Development Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Climate and Weather
  • Ecosystem Science
  • Food Science
  • Geography
  • Physics
  • Plant Science
  • Agriculture Science
  • Human Science
  • Zoology
  • Genetics
  • Data Science
  • Neuroscience and more

Key Facts

  • After completing their studies, Indian students will be awarded a BSc/B Tech from The University of Melbourne & Shoolini University
  • Alternative Pathway for students who wish to make a selection from a diverse range of majors or complete further studies in Australia
  • In addition, students will get a pathway into Masters of PhD Programs


Eligibility to get into Shoolini for years 1 & 2: 10+2 in any stream with mathematics & minimum 75% marks.

Conditions for transfer to The University of Melbourne at the end of the second year

  • IELTS band score 6.5 at end of year 2 at Shoolini University
  • 7.5 CGPA at the end of year 2 at Shoolini University


Prof Sourabh Kulshreshtha

Program Director

Research & Development Dean

Shoolini Univresity

Prof Deborah King

Program Director India

Director Bachelor of Science Advanced (Honours) dual degree program

The University of Melbourne

Prof Narendra Chirmule

Scientific Advisor & Mentor

Co-founder & CEO SymphonyTech Biologics

Shoolini Univesity

Our Globetrotters

All you need to know

Shoolini Star Heads to ESSEC Business School in France

Ananya Manishi, a brilliant Biotechnology student from Shoolini University, has achieved a remarkable milestone in her academic journey. She has been accepted into the prestigious Masters in Management (MIM) program at ESSEC Business School’s Cergy Campus in France.

Dr Amanpreet wins International Young Water Fellowship

Dr Amanpreet Kaur Virk (Alumni, PhD Biotechnology, 2019) is the only Indian to win the Brussels, Belgium-based Young Water Fellowship in 2019. She achieved this for her work on Moringa-based water purification systems.

From Shoolini to Johns Hopkins

In a momentous achievement, Raghav Rastogi, a BTech Biotechnology Summit Research Program (SRP) student of Shoolini University has been accepted into an advanced Master’s program at Johns Hopkins University in the United States.Being America’s first research university, admission to a master’s program at Johns Hopkins University is highly competitive.

Frequently Asked Questions

The University of Melbourne (UoM), ranked Australia's #1 and 14th globally (QS World University Rankings 2024), partners with Shoolini University, India's No.1 Private University. In this unique dual-degree program, students complete the first two years at Shoolini University before transitioning to UoM for the final two years, gaining world-class international education while staying close to home initially.

The program is unique as:

  • Students in India will study the UoM curriculum, taught by faculty trained by UoM faculty in a two-year residential program.
  • They will save on tuition fees as the fee in India for the first two years is approximately one-third of the UoM international tuition fee. Additionally, they'll save on boarding and lodging costs for two years.
  • By studying locally, students also can mature academically and personally, gaining a deeper understanding of applied education before transferring as a group for further success overseas.
  • Students will receive mentorship or co-teaching from international faculty at Shoolini University, ensuring a high-quality education experience.
  • Our infrastructure and technology mirror the University of Melbourne, a testament to our commitment to providing a world-class education. Shoolini University has built a separate building with new classrooms and collaborative spaces.
  • Unlike other dual-degree programs in the country, a separate set of best teachers and researchers have been hired to teach the cohort of students under this program, at Shoolini University.

This is a dual-degree program where students receive two degrees upon completing four years of study. They will earn a B.Sc. Advanced Honours from The University of Melbourne. Additionally, they have the option to either receive a BSc (Hons) or B Tech from Shoolini University. The University of Melbourne degree: Bachelor of Science Advanced (Honours) - abbreviated as BSc Adv. (Hons) is a four-year program of 400 credit points in The University of Melbourne system. It consists of:

  • 200 points of Advanced Standing for the two years of BSc (Blended) syllabus completed in India, and
  • 200 points for the two years of study completed at The University of Melbourne
  • Degree from Shoolini University: Shoolini University awards an equivalent degree based on a reciprocal credit recognition, i.e.:
  • The two years of BSc (Blended) syllabus completed in India, and
  • Advanced Standing for the two years of study completed at The University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne (UoM) is ranked as Australia’s #1 University and #14th in the world as per QS World University Rankings 2024. Shoolini University is ranked India’s #1 Private University as per QS World University Rankings 2024. For more rankings, visit the following links on The University of Melbourne and Shoolini University websites.


Shoolini Universityhttps://shooliniuniversity.com/

Given the academic rigour at the University of Melbourne and Shoolini University, this program has a higher bar for entry.

  • Condition for entry into year 1 & 2: Completion of 10+2 in any science stream* (preferably with Mathematics). For minimum scores in CBSE, State Board, ISC, IB, GCE A Levels, refer Appendix 1 and English Language Proficiency through IELTS/PTE/TOEFL/others**
  • Condition for transfer to UoM in year 3: CGPA of 7.5 or higher by the end of 2nd year, and English Language Proficiency through IELTS/PTE/TOEFL/others**

It is not mandatory to have Mathematics as a subject in +2. However, students who have not studied Math in +2 must enroll in UoM’s online, 6-week bridge program for Mathematics. The approximate cost of the same will be AUD 900. Apart from the online, UoM synchronous lectures, Shoolini University mathematics professors will hold regular tutorials to help students master the subject.

The University of Melbourne policy requires students to complete at least 50% of their study at Melbourne. Consequently, students in B.Sc. Adv. (Hons) program must complete both Years 3 and 4 to be awarded the University of Melbourne degree, i.e., there is no exit pathway with a University of Melbourne degree at the end of year 3. If a student who completes Years 1 and 2 in India is unable to transfer to Melbourne due to personal or other circumstances, Shoolini University will offer the below exit options:

  • Internal transfer to Shoolini University’s in-house program to complete a three-year BSc or 4-year BSc (Hons) or 4-year BTech degree.
  • External transfer to another institution to complete a degree of that institution (e.g. a B.Sc. degree in other universities in the UK, USA, Australia, or others).
  • Exit with a two-year Diploma qualification from Shoolini University.

To apply for this dual-degree program, visit https://shooliniuniversity.com/. In the course dropdown, select ‘undergraduate’ and in the specialization tab, select ‘University of Melbourne (Dual Degree)’. Click on Apply Now tab and fill in your details.

Once done, you will get an e-mail on your registered email ID and will be prompted to electronically fill your application, pay your application fee, and submit/upload required documents. Upon receiving your application fee and all required documents, you will hear from us on taking the online test for this program and further schedule of an interview with Dean Research at Shoolini University.

Yes, prospective students can meet with faculty members or academic advisors to discuss program requirements, research opportunities, and academic interests. Shoolini University campus is open for on-campus visits Mon-Sat, 9AM–5PM.

The first cohort will only have an intake of 30 students. Therefore, it is best to fill out the application at the earliest, but before 15th June 2024. It is important to check the university's official website or contact the admissions office for the most accurate information.

The fees for the first two years at the Shoolini University campus are already subsidised. It is our commitment as India’s research university to offer this transformational opportunity to students from India and the SAARC nations. There are no scholarships available for the first two years at Shoolini University. However, UoM offers various scholarships for international students. You will be required to visit the UoM website – https://scholarships.unimelb.edu.au/

Shoolini University encourages students to undertake internships opportunities through their flagship “earn while you learn” program. You can contact the Student Support Team at Shoolini University for more details.
For accessing internship opportunities at UoM as an international student, we encourage you to reach out to their student support teams – https://students.unimelb.edu.au/student-support/international-student-support

You will get a conditional letter of acceptance from The University of Melbourne at the very onset of the program. The letter will mention your acceptance into their program based on your academic performance or minimum GPA requirement at Shoolini University in the first two years, among other conditions. You will be accorded 100% credits for prior learning at our university. Based on that and other transfer conditions, you will be eligible to transfer after two years.

You may transfer by fulfilling the specified pathway requirements and obtaining your study permit from the appropriate visa authorities.

Shoolini University will facilitate filing your study permit request with the competent visa/immigration authorities. However, it's important to note that we have no control or influence over the decision of visa authorities regarding your study permit application. For more information on study permits, you can refer to the official website of the Australian government: https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-listing/student-500

Other requirements:

Other requirements:

  • Get approval from your department and complete the application form
  • Demonstrate your ability to support your stay overseas through a financial plan
  • Satisfy host institution and country entry requirements
  • Be a good ambassador for SHOOLINI UNIVERSITY

This program is designed as a dual-degree program which means that Shoolini University can initiate your transfer to UoM only after the completion of two years of study with us.

Year 1 and Year 2 Program:

  • Licensed Syllabus is mandatory for all students.
  • In addition, students must complete one English language (or other language or culture) subject (based on IELTS) in each of Year 1 and Year 2. These will be credited towards the Melbourne requirements for breadth study.
  • The majority of the curriculum for years 1 and 2 is mandatory for all students. This includes:
    • the lecture course content for math, physics, chemistry, and biology.
    • six practical classes in each of physics, chemistry, and biology.
    • one computation subject in each of years 1 and 2.
    • one English language (or other language or culture) subject (based on IELTS).

Time allocated as flexible timetabling can be used by Shoolini University at discretion & may include extra practical in areas of student’s major discipline or institutional specialty, or extra discipline subjects.

Year 3 and Year 4 Program:

  • 1 subject = 12.5 credit points
  • Each year Level consists of 100 credit points (=8 subjects)
  • Students typically study four subjects per main semester in Melbourne, but some subjects may be available over the shorter winter and summer semesters.
  • Students must complete a Major (4×12.5 credit point subjects) selected from those available in the Melbourne Bachelor of Science for which the Program Students have completed the prerequisite study. This may mean that some Majors available to Bachelor of Science students may not be available to Program Students without some additional Level 2 study.
  • 2×12.5cp subjects chosen from Level 3 science electives to meet the requirements of 75 points Level 3 science electives (combined with 50pt major above)
  • 2×25cp subjects chosen from Level 2/3 subjects available as breadth in the Melbourne Bachelor of Science.
  • 75 credit points chosen from a range of Level 9 subjects for which the Program Student has completed the prerequisite study. These subjects will be cognate with the student's Major.
  • In some instances, and with permission of the Program Director, Program Students may replace up to 25cp of Level 9 study with additional Level 3 study to expand their knowledge base in preparation for further study.
  • A minor thesis research project component (normally 10,000-12,000 words).
  • To complete the degree, students must complete 400 credit points in total, including the Partner Year 1 & Year 2 Program.

The annual fee at Shoolini University, including Tuition, hostel & exam fee is INR 8.2 lacs for year 1, INR 8.6 lacs for year 2 (5% annual increase in fee). Additionally, in case the student has not studied mathematics in +2, they will be required to enroll in UoM’s online, 6-weeks bridge program for mathematics. The approximate cost of the same will be AUD 900.

The tuition fees at UoM are subject based, which means you’ll pay according to subjects you are studying, not your degree. The exact cost of your degree depends on the type and number of subjects you take. The current tuition fees for international students can be viewed on the link below: http://go.unimelb.edu.au/6nv8

Please note that while UoM offers various scholarships for international students, you will be required to visit the UoM website and actively seek them and apply for the same. For more details visit the following link: https://scholarships.unimelb.edu.au/

There are a range of expenses (other than the tuition fee) that you will need to be mindful of when budgeting for your overseas study. These may include:

  • Comprehensive Travel & Health insurance fees
  • Flights and in-country transport costs
  • Accommodation (on or off-campus) fees
  • Daily living expenses
  • Spending money

Fees are payable per subject before the study period's start date (e.g. Semester 1 or Semester 2). Accordingly, fees are usually payable twice per year. If preferred, students can request to pay their fees for each semester in dual installments (two equal payments a few weeks apart).

For information about international student fees, please refer to the links below:

  • ask.unimelb: FAQ/Paying international tuition fees
  • Fees and payments-undergraduate study-international applications (unimelb.edu.au)

Can I work while studying?
Please note the following:

  • In Australia, you can work up to 40 hours every 2-week period once your course starts
  • You can work full-time if you are on a scheduled break, such as winter and summer holidays, or a fall or spring trimester break.
  • You must be a full-time student both before and after the break to work full-time.

You cannot work during the break that comes before you start your very first school semester in Australia.

The first two years of this dual-degree program at Shoolini University are fully residential. The annual fee quoted includes the cost of boarding and lodging. For Australia, you can explore the following links:

  • https://study.unimelb.edu.au/student-life/cost-of-living

Further, there is a comprehensive page that captures information called STOP1. This is a support service for new students and very useful information can be found here.

  • https://students.unimelb.edu.au/student-support/advice-and-help/stop-1

You can apply for an education loan once you have the offer letter from the partner university. The offer letter is a document that you can provide as a supporting document to the bank while applying for Education loan.

Visa cannot be guaranteed by SHOOLINI or by the host university. Generally, if applicants have filled the application properly and have furnished the right documents then visa acceptance rates are very high.

QulaificationEntryscoreSpecific prerequisite requirements
CBSE All India Senior School Certificate (AISSC) 75 CBSE All India Senior School Certificate (AISSC) 75 English, Mathematics and one of Biology, Chemistry or Physics. To calculate a nal average, you should determine the average of your best four nal-year subjects.
Indian State Board Examinations (Three Indian State Board Examinations are accepted as a direct entry pathway: Tamil Nadu Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC), Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Higher (Secondary) School Certificate and Karnataka Pre-University Certificate.) 80 English, Mathematics and one of Biology, Chemistry or Physics. To calculate a final average, you should determine the average of your best four final-year subjects
CISCE Indian School Ceritcate (ISC) 75 English, Mathematics and one of Biology, Chemistry or Physics. To calculate a nal average, you should determine the average of your best four nal-year subjects.
International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma 31 A minimum grade of 4 in either Applications and interpretations HL, Analysis and approaches SL, or Analysis and approaches HL. A minimum grade of 4 in one of Biology, Chemistry or Physics at HL or SL. For students with English as their second language a pass in English B at the required level will be accepted as satisfying the English prerequisite. Except where specied, IB subjects must be passed to at least Grade 4 Standard or Higher Level.
GCE A Level BCC Mathematics, one of Biology, Chemistry and Physics, and an approved A or AS Level English subject; or Both Mathematics and Fuher Mathematics, and an approved A or AS Level English subject. A minimum of three A Levels is required and a grade of at least C is required in prerequisite subjects unless otherwise specied. Approved GCE AS and A Level English subject are: General Paper, General Studies, English Language and Literature, English Literature, English Language. Singapore A Level subject Knowledge and Enquiry (H2) is also accepted. A grade of at least C is required to meet the University’s English language requirements.
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