Rupak Nagraik

Assistant Professor / Applied Sciences and Biotechnology
Assistant Professor, Ph.D. NET


Rupak Nagraik

Assistant Professor at Shoolini University, Dr. RupakNagraik has more than seven years of teaching and research experience. He is a Ph.D. in Biotechnology and his area of expertise is Biosensor Technology. He works on pathogen detection and disease diagnosis using amperometric biosensors. He also has experience in bioinformatics and drug design.


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  2.  Avinash.,Chauhan, P.K., Sharma, S., &Nagraik, R. (2017). An era of green synthesized nanoparticles for diabetes treatment: A review. International Journal of Biology, Pharmacy and Allied Sciences.6(2) 183-192.
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  4.  Advance polyhouse structure for water harvesting and grow two different seasonal crops-KartikChauhan and RupakNagraik with patent application no. 201711034820
  5.  Polyhouse structure -KartikChauhan and RupakNagraik with patent application no. 299678
  6.  A nanocomposite electrochemical biosensor system and uses thereof- RupakNagraik, Dinesh Kumar, AnkurKaushal, Shagun Gupta with patent application no. 201811020547
  7.  DNA based electrochemical biosensor kit and uses thereof - RupakNagraik, Dinesh Kumar, AnkurKaushal, Shagun Gupta, SuneelSethi with patent application no. 201811005529
  8.  An apparatus for sterilization and incubation-KartikChauhan and RupakNagraikwith patent application no. 201811017743
  9.  Green synthesized process for ZnO nanoparticle using a plant extract of Murrayakoiengii and its antibacterial efficacy thereof- Avinash, Pankaj Kumar Chauhan, RupakNagraik, Somesh Sharma with patent application no. 201811018237
  10.  A novel incubation and sterilization chamber- KartikChauhan and RupakNagraik with patent application no. 201911005622.
  11.  Sterilization and incubation chamber- KartikChauhan and RupakNagraik with patent application number 314823.
  12.  Antimicrobial efficacy and synthesis of biogenic zinc oxide nanoparticles using plant extract of wild Himalayan Ficuspalmata- Avinash, Pankaj Kumar Chauhan, RupakNagraik, Somesh Sharma with patent application no. 201811046522

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