Neeraj Gupta

Associate Professor / Visiting Faculty
Associate Professor, Ph.D., Post Doc. NET


Neeraj Gupta

Associate Professor and Head in the School of Chemistry, Shoolini University, Dr. Neeraj Gupta teaches organic chemistry. Recipient of two prestigious global research awards; one is the Prestigious Fulbright Nehru Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (2011-12) for doing research work in United States of America and another one is from Chinese Academy of Sciences for doing research in China.

Besides this, he has also been awarded Young Scientist Award by Department of Science and Technology – India. He is Ph.D from Panjab University Chandigarh and cleared NET-JRF and SLET (HP). He also has an experience of 4 years in Research and Development (R & D) centers of reputed industries in India such as Jubilant (NOIDA) and IndSwift pharmaceuticals (Mohali). His current research interests are focused in Organic synthesis, Biomass Conversion, Heterogeneous Catalysis and Bio-sensing.


  1. Bala, K., Sharma, D & Gupta, N. (2019) Carbon nanotube based materials for electrochemical sensing of neurotransmitter dopamine, ChemElectroChem (Wiley), 6, 274-288 (Impact Factor 4.5) This article is selected for cover feature by ChemElectroChem-The prestigious “Wiley” Journal.
  2. Gupta, N., Khavryuchenko, O., Wen, G., Wu, K-H., Li, F. &Su, D.S. (2018) Carbocatalysing the preparation of N-rich heterocyclic compounds, Carbon (Elsevier), 130, 714-723
  3. Gupta, N., Khavryuchenko, O., Villa, A. & Su, D.S. (2017) Metal-Free Oxidation of Glycerol over Nitrogen-Containing Carbon Nanotubes. ChemSusChem(Wiley), 10, 3030-3034.
  4. Gupta, N., Ding, Y., Feng, Z., Su, D.S. (2016) Palladium supported on nanodiamonds as an efficint catalyst for the hydrogenating deamination of benzonitrile and related compounds, ChemCatChem (Wiley), 8 (5), 922-928.
  5. Gupta*, N., Thakur, A. & Bhardwaj, P. (2014) Oxidative transformation of alcohols and organic halides in aqueous solution, New J. Chem. (RSC), 38, 3749-3754.
  6. Ding, Y., Zhang, B., Gupta, N. & Su, D.S. (2015) Heterogenization of homogenous reaction system on carbon surface with ionic liquid as mediator, Green Chem. (RSC), 17 (2), 1107 – 1112.


Patents Granted and Commercialized

  1. Gupta, N., Kumar, P., Srinivasan, C. V. & Wadhwa, L. (2010) Improved Process for Preparing Temozolomide, 2010, (US Patent) Pub. No.: WO/2010/140168, International Application No. PCT/IN2010/000365.


Patents Filed

  1. Gupta, N. (2018)   Energy Efficient Process For Extraction of Cellulose from Pine Needle Bio-Waste, Indian Patent Filed on 23/05/2018, Patent Filing Number 201811019305.
  2. Gupta, N. (2018)Rapid Process for the synthesis of 5-hydroxymethyl Furfural, Neeraj Gupta*, Indian Patent Filed on 16/06/2018, Patent Filing Number 201811022583.
  3. Gupta, N., Devi, P., Sharma, S. &Kumari, K. (2018) Novel Heterogeneous Catalysts for Conversion of Carbohydrates to 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural and Method Thereof, Indian Patent Filed on 08/12/2018, Patent Filing Number 201811046503.

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