Narinder Verma

Professor / Management Sciences & Liberal Arts
Professor, Ph.D, NET


Narinder Verma

Narinder Verma specializes in Finance for teaching and research. Through his 24 years of professional work experience in the corporate and education sector, he has developed an excellent result-oriented leadership on successfully running a management program inter-alia. He is also Associate Dean--Academic Affairs and Director--YLIP (Young Leaders of India Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management).

In his experience working with Shoolini University, Graphic Era University, IBSD, NIILM, NSB,, Vista Levolor and IOCL, he has developed an extraordinary understanding of the working of UGC, AICTE and other regulatory bodies.

Prof. Narinder has B. Tech. (Mech. Engg.) from IIT Delhi and a PGDM – Marketing (2yr regular residential program) along with a Post-Graduate Diploma in Advanced Computing (PGDAC) from C-DAC, Pune.

He can be best described as a Vision Developer and Implementer, Aggressive Brand Builder, Sound Educator, and a Self-motivated Leader with an ardent fervor to deserve greater heights of excellence.


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