Nandan Sharma

Associate Professor / Management Sciences & Liberal Arts
Associate Professor, Ph.D., LLM


Nandan Sharma

Dr. Nandan Sharma is currently serving as Professor and Head at the School of Law, Faculty of Liberal Arts and Management Sciences, Shoolini University, Solan (HP) India where he teaches Professional Ethics, Legal Research Methodology and IPRs at UG/PG and PhD level. He received Ph.D. in 2017 in Intellectual Property Laws from Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla (HP) India. He is the Head of the School and Coordinator for Legal Aid Clinic. He holds fifteen years of teaching experience and his academic contributions include several international paper presentations, National and International Conferences, Workshops, FDPs, book chapters, 02 edited and 01 authored books published by Shreeram Law House as well as conference papers. He is a regular speaker, Chairperson and keynote speaker in various national events like Seminars, Moot Courts, Parliamentary Debates and Webinars.

Dr. Sharma has deep insight for research and has been a pioneer in development of student profiles at both UG and PG levels. He also holds editorial positions in many National blogs like Jus Dicere and many prestigious positions like Member,  Board of Studies, Academic Council and External Paper settor for various Law universities. He is also serving in many capacities like member placement committee, Legal Aid Centre and JRDAC . He has been a Convenor for various National/International events like Conferences, Workshops and Moot Courts.

He is an active member of National Youth Council of India and various other NGOs. Currently, Dr. Sharma is engaged in research on Cyber Crimes and issues pertaining to Human Righs and Privacy. He is a defender of Human Rights and has a dedicated cause for Sustainable Development Goals because promotion and protection of human rights is the key purpose and guiding principle behind success of human civilization and any nation at large. He can be reached at


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Book Chapters:

  • Pharmaceutical Industry and the Indian Patent Regime, published in an edited book titled as, Intellectual Property Rights, by Prof. Vimlendu Tayal, Former Vice Chancellor, University of Bikaner, Rajasthan, in 2018, ISBN: 978-81-8198-484-5, University Book House Pvt. Lt. Jaipur.
  • Ambush Marketing: Is it Really Unethical? ,Aafreen Collaco and Nandan Sharma, Published in an edited book titled as, “Intellectual Property Rights and their implementations by Dr. Raj Kumar, Head , Department of Law, Jaganath University, ISBN: 978-93-820720-89, Published by Jagan Nath University, p.p 209-220
  • Hate Speech and Freedom of Speech and Expression: A Critical evaluation through Judicial Interpretation, and Introduction to Section III titled, Hate Speech and Sedition, Published in Book titled as, “Freedom of Speech and Expression: Issues and Challenges” edited by Dr. Sanyogita Thakur, 2016, ISBN No. 978-93-85000-74-4, Bharti Publications, New Delhi
  • Introduction to Section II, Good Governance, for book titled as, “Human Rights and Good Governance,” edited by, Dr. Sanyogita Thakur, (HP), ISBN 978-93-85000-71-3, Bharti Publications, New Delhi.
  • Role play of Patents in the Future of Indian Pharmaceuticals in relation to the Growth of Generics, Published in edited book tilted, “Multidisciplinary Legal Research: A Collaborative Analysis & Synthesis,” edited by Dr. Sukhvinder Singh Dari, Dr. Prageetha G Raju and R. Radhakrishnan, SLS Hyderabad, 2016, ISBN 978-93-85989-94-0, Asia Law House.   
  • Right to Privacy is Fundamental: Judicial Activism by the Supreme Court, published in edited Book titled as, Balancing the three wings of the State towards India’s Development, by Law Commission of India and Niti Aayog, New Delhi, November 2017.


  • Authored 1st  Edition of “Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights” published by Shree Lam House ISBN NO. 978-93-85618 -85-7 in March,2020. 
  • Edited 1st  Edition of “Women Empowerment: Status and Perspectives” published by Shree Lam House ISBN NO. 978-93-85618-99-4 in November,2020. 
  • Edited Volume 3 Issue 1 of “Precedent” published by Jus Dicere & Co. ISBN NO. 978-93-5382-271-2 in June,2019. 

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