Deepak Kumar

Associate Professor / Pharmaceutical Sciences
Associate Professor, Ph.D.


Deepak Kumar

Deepak Kumar received his PhD from South Korea under the prestigious Brain Korea 21Plus fellowship. Prior to that, he did his M Pharm from Sikkim Central University, Sikkim, and B Pharm from Uttar Pradesh Technical University, Lucknow. 

To his credit, he has published more than 50 research paper in SCI journals of international reputes; filed 6 patent, 3 patent granted; 10 book chapters, edited and authored books published by Elsevier, Springer Nature, Taylor & Francis, and Wiley; he has presented and attended his research works in several National and International conference in UK, China, Hong Kong and Korea.

His h and i-10 index is 15 with a citation of more than 600. He has been invited as a Chairperson, keynote and session speaker in reputed National and International conferences. He has been honored with the International Scientist Awards 2021; Young Scientist Award 2020; Innovative Research Award 2019 and Young Investigator Award 2016 for his research work. Brain Korea- 21 Plus (BK21 Plus) Travel Grant for the Gordon Research Conference. He is also serving in many capacities like reviewer in several scientific journals in his field, consultant to industries, and committees of various universities.  

Deepak Kumar is an active member of the American Chemical Society, Association of Pharmacy Profession, Indian Science Congress Association, and member of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Society from India and S. Korea. His research area includes Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Discovery; Bioorganic Chemistry; Drug Delivery; Nanomedicine; and Chemical Biology; Design and synthesis diversified bioactive small molecules and their application in chemical biology and medicinal chemistry; Total synthesis of Natural products for biological activities; Diversity oriented synthesis of novel heterocycles; Target based approaches to access novel small molecules as drugs for type II diabetes and cancer.


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