Deepak Kumar

Assistant Professor / Pharmaceutical Sciences
Assistant Professor, Ph.D.


Deepak Kumar

Dr. Deepak Kumar is currently working as Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science, Shoolini University. He received his Doctor of Philosophy degree from South Korea under prestigious Brain Korea 21Plus fellowship. He did M.Pharm from Sikkim Central University, Sikkim; he has done B. Pharm from Uttar Pradesh Technical University, Lucknow. To his credit he published more than 30 research paper in SCI journals of international reputes; he has presented and attended his research works in several National and International conference at U.K, China, Hong Kong and Korea.

His h and i-10 index is 10 with a citation of more than 350. He has been invited as a Chairperson, keynote and session speaker in reputed National and International conferences. He has been awarded with young investigator Award 2016 for his research work. Brain Korea- 21 Plus (BK21 Plus) Travel Grant for the Gordon Research Conference. He is also in editorial board member of journal of international reputes. His research area includes design and synthesis of diversified bioactive small molecules and their application in chemical biology and medicinal chemistry for type II diabetes and cancer.


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