Ashutosh K. Dash

Visiting Faculty / Visiting Faculty
Assistant Professor, Ph.D.


Ashutosh K. Dash

Dr. Ashutosh K. Dash teaches Medicinal Chemistry &Natural Product Chemistry at Shoolini University. His research area includes broadly medicinal/pharmaceutical chemistry; natural product based medicinal chemistry and carbohydrate chemistry. He is also involved in methodologies in translation research like non-infringing routes for the synthesis of APIs and synthesis of drug active metabolites.

In natural product chemistry Dr. Dash has worked in isolation of secondary metabolites from microbial and plant sources, DOS, semi-synthetic modifications and medicinal chemistry against specific targets in cancer, diabetics, inflammation, etc. In carbohydrate chemistry his works includes synthesis of natural molecule mimicking flavones-C-glycosides and coumarin-C-glycoside modulating traditional carbon-Ferrier rearrangement reaction altering it to one pot Mukaiyama type carbon Ferrier rearrangement reaction.

Prof. Dash has developed a dihydropyrimidinone chromene hybrids utilizing molecular hybridization technique which inhibits cell proliferation by inducing mitotic catastrophe and microtubule depolymerization in A549 cells and proven to be highly potent against lungs cancer even more potent than 5-Fluorouracil. In fact, he has developed a very important method, which can be a general method for C-3 electrophilic chlorination of benzopyran derivatives in which I have introduced fluxionality and proved by enough evidence such as VT 1H-NMR, X-ray crystallography and explained by DFT calculations.He has synthesized natural molecule mimicking chromene-C-glycoside and coumarin-C-glycoside for the first time in science, which are drug-like molecules against cancer.


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