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Tarun Pal

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor

Tarun Pal is an Assistant Professor of Computational Biology (Bioinformatics) at the School of Bioengineering and Food Technology at Shoolini University. Previously,  Pal was a Senior Postdoc Researcher at the Zuckerberg Institute for Water Research, Ben Gurion University, Israel. Prior to that, he was an Assistant Professor at Vignan's Foundation for Science, Technology, and Research in Guntur. His research journey also includes a significant role as a Research Associate in the 'Decoding Tea Genome Project' at the National Research Centre on Plant Biotechnology (now known as the National Institute for Plant Biotechnology) in New Delhi.

 He earned his PhD in Computational Biology from Jaypee University of Information Technology in Himachal Pradesh. His doctoral work was part of the prestigious Programme Support Scheme under the 'Centres of Excellence' initiative by the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India. During his PhD, he made notable contributions to developing Machine Learning-based tools for predicting disease resistance proteins in plants (DRPPP) and exploring novel metabolic pathways for the biosynthesis of essential phytochemicals in endangered Himalayan medicinal herbs.

 In his postdoctoral research in Israel, Pal focused on metagenomic profiling projects, emphasising predicting and validating potential predators in environmental and plant samples. His expertise and dedication to advancing the field of Computational Biology make him a valuable member of Shoolini University's faculty. 

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