Paromik Bhattacharyya

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor

Paromik Bhattacharyya is an Assistant Professor at the School of Biotechnology. Paromik's academic journey is marked by a dedication to research in the field of plant biotechnology, with a focus on medicinal orchids.

Asst Prof Bhattacharyya pursued his doctoral research at the North Eastern Hill University (NEHU), Department of Botany, focusing on the in-vitro propagation and molecular characterisation of medicinal orchids. Following his PhD, he conducted postdoctoral research on the bio-prospection of the prized medicinal orchid, Ansellia africana, in South Africa (RSA). During this time, he delved into topics such as ex-situ conservation, gene expression, genetic stability of A. africana, and DNA barcoding.

From January 2017 to July 2022, Asst Prof Bhattacharyya worked as a National Postdoctoral Fellow (N-PDF) and CSIR-Pool Scientist in the research group headed by Sanjay Kumar, Director, CSIR-IHBT. Here, he focused on therapeutic bio-prospection and transcriptomic aspects of medicinal orchids used in Ayurveda such as Malaxis acuminata and M. muscifera.

Asst Prof Bhattacharyya’s expertise lies in plant tissue culture, phytochemistry, and molecular biology of rare, endangered, and threatened (RET) medicinal plants. He serves as a sectional editor for journals of international repute such as the South African Journal of Botany (SAJB) by Elsevier and Frontiers in Horticulture. Additionally, he is a member of the project assessment committee of the National Research Foundation (NRF) in South Africa.

Asst Prof Bhattacharyya’s rich academic background and expertise make him an invaluable asset to our faculty, contributing to the advancement of biotechnology research and education at our institution.

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