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Pankaj Vaidya


Professor, M.E., PhD (Drug Discovery utilising Machine Learning)

Dr Pankaj Vaidya is a highly esteemed academician and prominent researcher specializing in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Currently holding the position of Professor at Shoolini University, he is widely recognized for his exceptional expertise in AI/ML and his significant contributions to the field. Dr Vaidya is entrusted with the leadership of the esteemed Yogananda School of Artificial Intelligence, Computers, and Data Sciences at Shoolini University. With a Ph.D. in Drug Discovery utilizing Machine Learning, alongside a Master of Technology (M.Tech) and Bachelor of Engineering (B.E), Dr Vaidya boasts a comprehensive educational background. Over his illustrious teaching career spanning 24 years, he has played a pivotal role in shaping the minds of numerous students in the realm of AI and ML. His influence extends beyond the confines of traditional academia, evident through his extensive research publications and patent filings.

Dr Vaidya's research interests cover a broad spectrum within the domains of machine learning and artificial intelligence. His doctoral research in drug discovery employing machine learning exemplifies his multidisciplinary approach to solving intricate real-world challenges. Furthermore, his ongoing research pursuits delve into areas such as the Internet of Things (IoT), showcasing his adaptability to emerging technologies and interdisciplinary collaboration. The scholarly contributions of Dr Vaidya to academia are both substantial and diverse. He has authored numerous scientific papers published in reputable international journals, contributed to books published by prestigious publishers like SCOUPS, and provided chapters for scholarly volumes. Additionally, his active involvement in international conferences underscores his dedication to advancing knowledge and fostering academic dialogue. Dr Vaidya's innovative prowess is further highlighted by his three filed patents in his areas of expertise. These patents not only underscore his research excellence but also validate his practical contributions to the field, with the potential to impact various industries and sectors significantly.

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