Anurag Sinha

Global Advisory Board

Co-founder Walnut

Anurag Sinha is a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in the financial industry. He is the mastermind behind OneCard, India's premier Metal Credit Card designed specifically for mobile-first young Indians. With his innovative approach, he re-imagined the traditional credit card experience to provide users with a seamless and rewarding financial tool. Additionally, Anurag played a key role in developing OneScore, an app dedicated to helping users find, understand, and monitor their credit scores for free. 


With a background spanning 14 years at ICICI Bank and notable contributions to digital credit and payments, he brings a deep understanding of strategic areas such as UID, NFC payments, insurance payments, financial inclusion, and more.


An alumnus of both IIT Varanasi and IIM Bangalore, Anurag holds a strong academic foundation with degrees in engineering and business administration.


His entrepreneurial journey took off with the founding of Walnut App in 2016, a pioneering personal finance mobile application offering automated tracking of spending, bank balances, P2P and bill payments, and split expenses, all without requiring bank passwords. His innovative work led to the acquisition of the Walnut App by Capital Float.He is the CEO of FPL Technologies. Anurag continues to drive innovation in the financial technology sector.

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