Akansha Negi

Assistant Professor

UGC-NET, SET, Alumnus (Himachal Pradesh University), PGD (Clinical Psychology), Former Counsellor (GVK-EMRI One Stop Centre, Solan)

Akansha Negi is an Assistant Professor who teaches Psychology. She holds a Post Graduation Degree from Himachal Pradesh University, along with a PG diploma in Clinical Psychology. Akansha completed her Graduation in Psychology and Political Science from St. Bede's College, Shimla.

 Akansha has qualified for the UGC-NET examination twice, along with successfully passing the State Eligibility Test (SET). She is a Gold Medalist in her Post Graduation and PG diploma in Clinical Psychology.

 Akansha's professional journey spans over two years, during which she contributed significantly as a lecturer at the Centre of Excellence, Sanjauli College. Prior to this, she worked as a counsellor/case worker at the GVK-EMRI One Stop Centre in Solan, showcasing her expertise in psychological counselling and support.

 Recognised for her outstanding character, leadership, and spirit of service, Akanksha was honoured with the Bedian Pin during her time at St. Bede's College.

Her dedication to psychology and academic achievements make her a valuable addition to our faculty.

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