Admission Process

To apply for admission to Shoolini University, we recommend students to start the process early. It helps you to find a program and specialization of your choice. 

The process is simple and easy. You can reach out to our counselors for support if  you have queries. You can also start your application process online here. 

Below are the steps if you are applying for admission to Shoolini University. 

All the best! 

1. Start the application process. Complete an Online Form here and pay the application fee.

2. Once we receive the application, our admission team will contact you to apprise you of the eligibility criteria for your course. All courses have different eligibility criteria. Some courses have exams, others have interviews or some have regulatory requirements.

3. Admissions for the year 2021 are currently underway. You are eligible to receive a firm offer of admission, even before board exams, if you submit one of the following entrance exam scores:

  • SAT
  • Pearson Undergraduate Entrance Exam

If you haven't taken any entrance exam, we recommend taking the Pearson Undergraduate Entrance Exam. It can be taken online on this

4. Once you meet the criteria, the department sends you a letter of enrollment. All students who pay the first semester fee are enrolled into the course to join one of India's top private universities.



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