Why Research Matters

Research objectives at Shoolini University are two fold. One is to pursue scientific knowledge. The other is to address issues faced by the society and our community. Since inception in 2009, faculty and students have achieved national and international accolades for its high impact research. Coupled with innovation, our research has received recognition from global institutions such as SCIMAGO and Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) rankings.

Therefore, Shoolini University is acknowledged as a role model among Private Universities in research and development. Our research model is unique to private universities in India.

To enable research that is impactful and relevant, we have set up two committees, formulated to guide the various schools for research:

  • Joint Research and Development Advisory Committee (JRDAC) 
  • Faculty-wise Research Advisory Committees (RACs)

Recognitions Pour In

In 2020, Scimago's global ranking listed Shoolini at 536 and 32 amongst the world and Indian institutes respectively, based on research. Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) rankings also featured Shoolini as #1 in citation index in India and #14 in Asia for its 2021 ranking.

In September 2020, an annual report released by the Office of Intellectual Rights, India, the first in the list of patent filers are the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs). However, the patents filed by all the 23 IITs in the country have been merged to declare the group of institutions as the top patent filer. This makes Shoolini third in the country, and first in Himachal Pradesh, in filing patents by academic institutes and universities across India.

Infrastructure that supports Research

Located in the Himalayas, Shoolini University has the richest repository of herbal wealth for discovering biomolecules. Infrastructure of Shoolini University has been created to enable cutting-edge research in new and established areas of science, engineering, yoga, management, liberal arts etc. In fact, Shoolini University boasts of one of the best-landscaped campuses with green houses and herbariums.

Shoolini University, with a hundred patents on Himalayan plants, has the potential of becoming the link road between Indian and foreign universities keen to work on Himalayan flora. We are located in the midst of salubrious pine forests. This adds to the availability of natural resources.

Our library is housed in an iconic building that has received a Belgian Architectural Award, figuring on the cover page of an international magazine. Facilities like an Indoor Stadium, Yogananda Ville, forest huts and Cineplex are unique to our campus.

The campus has 104+ laboratories and 7 centres of excellence.

H Index

An index used to measure Research output and quality. Our H Index is > 80, highest among any university established after 2009. 


Our Field Weighted Citation Impact (FWCI) is 2.27, which is comparable to the top 10 global universities.


We have 500+ patents and counting. This made us India’s 3rd highest Patent Filer in 2020.


Shoolini University has an H-Index of > 80 with 17080 citations.


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