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International Opportunity

Summer Internships for International Students

Primary objective of a summer internship for international students at Shoolini University is to help them carry out research in a new place and provide research training related to science and technology. During these summer internships, students can participate in an eight-week training course.

Focus areas for knowledge/skill development:

  • Information & Communications
  • Materials Science & Engineering
  • Mechatronics
  • Environmental Science & Engineering
  • Life Sciences
  • Physics & Photon Science
  • Chemistry
  • Medical System Engineering
  • We live in a global village where everyone communicates and harmonizes in a single community. This new paradigm calls us to break away from differences in language, culture, and nationality to participate in globalization.
  • Shoolini University develops global leaders who view the world with wisdom and skillfully communicate with others to create one large global community.
  • For this, we send students who are willing to learn foreign languages and experience the culture of the place of origin on international programs.
  • They enjoy access to excellent teachers, student centered education, and an advanced education environment. This helps a student not only to learn the language but also understand foreign culture.

Foreign Language Programs

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