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Sport is an integral part of student life at Shoolini University. We have fantastic outdoor and indoor facilities such as a badminton court, state-of- the-art gymnasium, basketball court, obstacle course and more. Little wonder, the campus has become a hub for sporting events in the state.

Indoor sports complex

The indoor sports complex has a gymnasium, basketball court, indoor badminton and table tennis courts. Within the premises is also an outdoor volleyball facility.

Tennis Court

The campus has a tennis court, which also doubles up as a basketball court. Close to the tennis court is a large playground to allow students to pursue cricket and other sports.

Mountaineering Club

Trekking expeditions are regularly organized under the banner of student-managed Mountaineering Association, which is one of the most popular clubs at the campus.

Table Tennis Championship

Shoolini University organizes an Inter-University Table Tennis Championship every year to bring together all the universities of Himachal closer to one another. The inaugural competition in 2012 was highly successful with participation from seven universities, which increased to nine in 2013. A 15 km annual marathon from Solan to university campus is also organized by the university.

Obstacle Course

As an attempt to encourage planning, teamwork and the ability to take risks, we have designed an obstacle course on the lines of the 13 obstacles model prevalent in the army. This includes rope climbing, a Burma Bridge and Tarzan swing to various kinds of jumps.

Student Activity Center (SAC)

Affectionately called the SAC, this place caters to the physical well-being of students with an aerobics and fitness centre. Regular sessions are held here for groups, while students also have individual access to this place.