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Distinctive Faculty

Shoolini’s diverse community of scholars brings a unique blend of cultural distinctiveness and distinguishesit with their vast experience and proven record of teaching and research excellence.

Shoolini University provides teaching and learning of high quality. This has been possible by engaging highly qualified and well informed faculty, fully knowing that excellence of its academic staff shapes an enriched learning experience for the students.

The university’s commitment to excellence in teaching and research helps us to attract quality teachers with the skills and knowledge to set you on track to a satisfying career. The university hasnationally and internationally acclaimed full-time faculty who have several years of experience either as academicians or having worked at senior positions in the industry and corporate organisations. The faculty is thus able to deliver a healthy mix of practical insights and academic rigour in the classroom.

The top tier faculty comprises of 64 PhDs and about two dozen of them have completed post- doc research from centres of excellence abroad.