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Set goals, achieve them and never stop learning

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Aayushi Malhotra completed her B.tech in Electronics & Communication Engineering from Shoolini University in 2016 as lateral entry student. After her studies, she got placed at LG Electronics and is now doing well in her professional life.

Aayushi Malhotra

Aayushi Malhotra completed her B.tech in Electronics & Communication Engineering from Shoolini University in 2016 as lateral entry student. After her studies, she got placed at LG Electronics and is now doing well in her professional life. Let’s hear what she has shared about her journey so far:

A native of Mandi district, Aayushi finished her schooling from D.A.V Centenary Public School, Mandi. After her schooling, she opted for a diploma and thereafter joined Shoolini University. “I opted for Shoolini because of its excellent academic reputation and lush, green campus right in the lap of nature”, she added. Telling us about her family background, Aayushi mentioned that her father is a businessman while her mother is teacher at a government institution. “I was brought up in a much disciplined atmosphere where values and principles held great priority”.

In college, she did well both in academics and took great interest in extra-curricular activities as well. Academically it was challenging for her in the initial days, but this difficult phase ended soon as her teachers were extremely supportive and guided and helped her to overcome the challenges she faced. “Coming from Himachal Pradesh Technical Board, it was extremely difficult for me to adjust in a University. This difficult phase only lasted for a semester after which I eventually adjusted with a lot of hard work and help from my teachers. ”

Sharing more about her nostalgia-filled college days, Aayushi reminisces about the unforgettable time spent with her friends followed by long conversations, the Jam sessions, staying up late to study for exams, enjoying Maggi with hostel mates, and other experiences which become as a part of hostel life. “I would like to thank Mrs. Poonam Nanda for being such a great source of inspiration for all the students, her sprint sessions really helped me and made my transition from campus to corporate life much smoother. I am also obliged to Mr. Arvind Nanda for providing a great platform for students and bringing corporate giants like LG Electronics for the campus placements.”

Her exciting journey began with an aptitude test followed by five rounds of grueling interviews after which she got placed as Senior Engineer (level 1) and recently she got promoted at Senior Engineer (level 2). At a young age, right after her graduation, she now has undertaken a position that comes with tons of responsibility and her never give up attitude is truly inspirational. Her greatest source of inspiration is her mother. Being a working woman, her mother taught her the value of being independent, how to prioritise her tasks efficiently and how to handle situations effectively. “The manner in which she smoothly balances her professional and personal life has always inspired me and I strive to emulate these qualities of her”, she added. “In my spare time I used to study human psychology as it fascinates me, I also provide motivational training and work with an NGO called ‘Akash’ for contributing my bit to the society.”

Her biggest goal in life, she mentions, is to be healthy and happy individual, full of dreams, and most importantly to make her parents proud and be the source of their happiness. As for her career, Aayushi plans on pursuing an MBA and is preparing for that, as she always had an interest in HR. When asked about how she manages to be so optimistic and cheerful she mentioned her life mantra, which is to do only what makes her happy. “Life is full of challenges, and to be successful, we have to work hard, enhance our PR, be a team player, a good listener and a confident individual.” She also practices meditation and believes it is quite helpful toward becoming a better person.

Sharing some advice for the students, Aayushi says, “Be goal oriented, set short term and long term goals and give all you have in order to achieve them. Setting goals gives your life a direction and is the first step towards being successful.” She believes in continual learning, from everything and everyone we meet around. Being true to oneself will make you a better human. And most importantly, she adds that respecting your parents and teachers as they are influential in shaping your life.

The time she spent in Shoolini has helped her to learn valuable skills and taught her valuable knowledge which comes handy in this diverse world. She is glad to be a part of Shoolini. She further adds that Mr. R.P. Dwiwedi who had been very supportive and Mr. Ashwani Sharma, one of her favourite teachers, was excellent. She’s also obliged to Mr. Sumit Verma for all the support during her placement till the final round at Delhi. “I am glad to be Shoolinian, today whatever I am is because of my parents and Shoolini. My successs, my Shoolini!”