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Resources The scientific capital of the university comprises qualified and well trained faculty with more than two dozen post- docs from USA, Europe and far east Asian countries and a pool of approximately two hundred hard working Ph.D. Scholars. Shoolini University of Biotechnology and Management Sciences has 33 dedicated Research Labs well equipped with sophisticated equipment’s such as HPLC , gel documentation system ,gradient thermo – cyclers for PCR – 80 degree Celsius deep freezer, gas chromatography system,high spped refrigerated centrifuge ,ELISA reader, phase contrast microscope, UV-vis spectrophotometer , plant growth chambers , DNA and protein electrophoresis system, western blotting system, CO2 incubators , ultra – sonicator , digital plethysmograph , Polari meter , digital potentiometer , actophotometer, histamine chamber , analgesiometer , convulsiometer and homogenizer. The entire research facility is backed by uninterrupted and continuous power supply. The University subscribes to around 9,000 e-journals through USA based EBSCO and DELNET databases. These resources allow the students and researchers access to quality research resources, in their respective areas of research. The potential of faculty members in disciplines like Biotechnology, Microbiology, Pharmaceutical , Basic Sciences is well recognised by different government funding agencies like DBT,DST,DAE,DRDO and ICMR.