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Research Centers

Shoolini University is located in the lap of one of the biggest biodiversity hotspot – The Himalayas. Our research driven philosophy drives every researcher in the University to focus and identify issues related to Himalayas.

Center of Research on Himalayan Sustainability and Development (CRHSD): With this center set up on December 15, 2015, we have been active partners of Himalayan University Consortium, ICIMOD and Integrated Mountain Initiative. CRHSD is the nodal office of IMI-Himachal Chapter.

Our mission is to make a significant and measurable impact on the Biodiversity, Environment and Socio-Economic Development of the Himalayan Region through Research & Practices and the Vision is “To make people of Indian Himalayan Region aware of the advantages of Sustainable Development”. CRHSD gets an annual grant of Rs. 15 lakhs. Call for proposal was made to all the faculty members. Two projects were selected on following themes

a. Phytochemicals for Cancer treatment (3 lakh/yr),

b. Natural products based Antimalarials (2.5 lakh/yr).

One of the goal of CRHSD is to cover the Biodiversity Conservation by a. Study of Flora and Fauna, b. Conservation and Repositories of life-forms, c. Endangered Life-forms, d. Industrial Growth and Biodiversity, e. Abiotic and Biotic Factors Impacting Biodiversity.

Secondly, we focus on Sustainable Utilization of Resources by understanding various aspects of a. Preserving Water and Land , b. Development of Food Products c. Himalayan Microflora: its distribution and Utilization d. Renewable Energy sources.

Thirdly we are covering Health and Well being by understanding a. Prevalence and pathogenesis of Diseases b. Identification of therapeutic natural products c. Novel Drugs d. Disease Management, e. Food and water borne diseases f. Yoga and Health.

Next we are focussing on Socio-Economic Development by gaining insights into

a. Himalayan Farming and Agroforestry,

b. Industry and Economics,

c. Models to develop Tourism,

d. Skill and capacity Building

e. Religion and Cultural Heritage.

Lastly, we want to focus on Disaster mitigation and Management which a critical issue in sustainable development. Under this, we have received a Grant from NMHS of MoEF&CC – Rs. 43 lakhs to understand loss of microbial biodiversity due to Forest Fire. For better functionality the research center is further nurturing various themes in its different centers namely -

Research Center in Nanotechnology - Established by Shoolini University to promote interdisciplinary research among different faculties in 2012. Formally inaugurated by Hon’ble Justice Swatanter Kumar, Chairperson, National Green Tribunal on 31st January, 2016. The mission of the center is to work for the development of nanomaterials for improving the life of people in the Himalayan region with special relevance to water purification, materials synthesis for applications in defense, biomedical and communication engineering.

Research Center in Omics - Harnessing and bioprospecting of Himalayan Biodiversity including a. Microbiota (Bacteria / Fungi / viruses), b. Macrobiota (Medicinal plants) The vision is - Bioprospecting of Himalayan Biodiversity by Omics approach. The center is involved in Quality research: on issues associated with the origins and maintenance of biodiversity, Educate to Protect: To provide the information needed to better manage biodiversity with the goal of minimizing the loss of populations and species, Collect and Index: Develop inventory of biodiversity through DNA bar coding as a tool for identification and species discovery, Leadership: Globalize Himalayan biodiversity through national / international collaborations. The thrust area for the center are to utilize omiccs – proteomics, genomics and metobolomics for understanding and sustainable utilization of biodiversity for drug discovery for cancer and pathogens.

Research Center in Renewable Energy - It is established to serve as a leading Research center, knowledge hub in renewable energy and meeting point for experts by encouraging the cooperation and collaboration in the research, innovation and technological development of Renewable Energy with special relevance to Himalayan Region. The center is involved in “Development of Green Campus” sanctioned by MNRE, Govt. of India.

Research Centre in Automobile Engineering - It is established with a vision to become a center of excellence in teaching and research for working of all the parts of the internal combustion engine and automobiles. We have set objectives – A.To provide the knowledge of working of various parts of internal combustion engines and their performance. B. To provide the knowledge and importance of different parts of automobiles and technological advance in them. C. To provide the knowledge of all the latest technologies used in automobiles. D. To become a center of research for automobile technologies suitable for Himalayas.

Research Center in Yoga - Center was formally inaugurated on June 21st, 2016 (International Yoga Day) by Swami Krishnananda Giri, Yogoda Satsang Society of India, Ranchi.. The main function of the center is to confluence of ancient Indian philosophy and Spirituality with modern academic programs, awakening inner (Soul) power & understanding the meaning of Human existence, encourage human and social values among young generation leading to social care.We also intend to disseminate yoga and its applications as solutions to control major social challenges of the World and promote yoga and meditation as an indigenous technique for the treatment of various irrepressible diseases.