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Located in the Himalayan region, the focus of research at Shoolini University is on the sustainability of these ecologically fragile mountains. This is done by creating an ecosystem of accreditations, alliances, labs and processes that lead to cutting-edge research and innovation.

In its short 9 years of existence, Shoolini University is ranked among the top 5 in the country for its quality of innovation and research. More than 150 patents have been filed by the faculty & students of the university.

Few private universities in the country offer research opportunities that are available to Shoolini students and faculty who are actively engaged in creating new knowledge for the benefit of the people, whether it means alleviating poverty, increasing food production, curing diseases and tackling climate change. 

Research-Driven Model

Shoolini University endeavours to be a top 200 global university by the year 2022. With this aim, we have developed a robust research-driven model that seeks to blend expertise in life sciences and engineering with the principles and practices of business management. With this, we have equipped our students into becoming exceptionally skilled in technical and behavioral aspects to meet the research and workplace requirements of the future. A critical part of this is to prepare them to meet the challenges in biotechnology, pharmaceutical industry, food technology, nanotechnology, information technology and other disciplines of science, engineering and liberal arts.

Research at Shoolini University provides trans-disciplinary solutions for emerging challenges in health, food, environmental protection, sustainable management of bio-resources and addressing clean development issues along with stimulating jobs and economic development. Therefore, the focus of research is centred on economics; generating technology that is techno-commercially feasible and can be scaled up. Sustainability of the Himalayan ecosystem is our special interest because of the university’s location.


The scientific capital of the university comprises qualified and well-trained faculty with post-docs from USA, Europe and far-east Asian countries and a pool of hard working Ph.D. Scholars. Shoolini University has xx dedicated Research Labs equipped with sophisticated equipment.

The entire research facility is backed by uninterrupted and continuous power supply. The university subscribes to around 9,000 e-journals through USA-based EBSCO and DELNET databases. These resources allow the students and researchers access to quality research resources, in their respective areas of research. The potential of faculty members in disciplines like Biotechnology, Microbiology, Pharmaceutical and Basic Sciences is well-recognised by different government funding agencies like DBT, DST, DAE, DRDO and ICMR.