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Teaching Methodology

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Shoolini University of Biotechnology and Management Sciences has adopted a continuous education system with two semesters in an academic year. Each semester is of 18-22 weeks and ends with an examination followed by a break, which is usually spent on industrial/ vocational training and educational tour to meet the degree requirements.

The degree is awarded under course credit system. Each course has a well-defined syllabus with specified number of credit hours for theory and practical classes. The research component also forms a part of the curriculum for postgraduate studies.

The credit hours are regulated as follows:

1. One credit hour of theory is one hour of class room teaching.

2. One credit hour of practical is two hours' of teaching in the laboratory/workshop.


Undergraduate programme

The system of examination is partly internal and partly external as per PCI / AICTE norms .Besides, each student has to appear / submit assignment, presentation, quiz, surprise test etc.

Postgraduate Programme

The examination system followed is as per PCI/AICTE norms comprising of  quiz, surprise test,Seminar,  Ist term, IInd term and end term examinations.


A student is evaluated in a course for both theory and practical.

  1. An undergraduate student is evaluated through continuous internal assessment and external end term examination.
  2. Postgraduate students have to pass in theory and practical examinations separately.