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Management Sciences and Liberal Arts

Faculty for School of Business Management & Liberal Arts
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The Faculty of Management Sciences and Liberal Arts maintains high levels of academic excellence and innovation in management, provides quality education at an affordable price and constantly seeks ways of adding value to students. It is dedicated to a core expertise in global management education. Our roadmap is to deliver a unique global education to students, executives and global management community through 3R: Rigour, Relevance and Reliability.

We aim at developing leaders by providing adequate interaction with leading subject matter experts and exposure to the industry. Under the guidance and leadership of Prof Atul Khosla, Dean and ably supported by a team of esteemed and experienced faculty, we envisage building our School of Business Management and Liberal Arts in to a Centre of Excellence for management education to meet the standards and aspirations of the corporate world.

Shoolini University of Biotechnology and Management Sciences School of Business Management and Liberal Arts has nationally and internationally acclaimed full-time faculty who have several years of experience either as academicians or having worked at senior positions in the industry. Our links with corporate world and industry enable us to develop vibrant, multi-disciplinary, progressive courses that reflect the business climate and keep our teaching and research relevant and challenging.

As part of its ongoing endeavour to provide world class education to our management students we conduct a value addition three week 'Sprint MBA' programme, which has been inspired by Stanford University's mini-MBA. It encompasses a refresher on critical business skills and knowledge along with a variety of communication and personality development modules needed to optimize individual performance, and offers students an opportunity to apply the concepts taught in the class room to the real world. We aim to ensure that our graduates are prepared for the challenges of the 21st century's global economy. The ‘Sprint MBA’ is structured around 4 key modules. The outcome of the programme enhances the confidence, attitude and effectiveness in the management arena.

Besides been ranked 19th among top private Business Schools in India by Dainik Bhaskar, the School of Business Management has also been adjudged as the 'Best Private Upcoming Business School' by ASSOCHAM India and rated A+++ by Go-Education.

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