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School of Mechanical and Civil Engineering

Workshops - 4


Machine shop

Lathe Machine (6’ Bed Gear Drive), Lathe Machine (4’ Bed Belt Drive), Drilling Machine 20mm (Pillar Type) , Pedestal Grinder , Hydraulic Power Hacksaw Machine 16”, Surface Grinder Machine , Shaper Machine(12”Stroke), Revolving Center MT-2 , Grinding Wheel 8” x 1” , Drill Chuck With Shank , Measuring tools (Digital Vernier Caliper, Micrometer, Out Side Caliper, Vernier Caliper, In Side Caliper etc.), Cutting Tools (drilling bits of different sizes, Knurling Tool, Boring Tool, Grooving Tool, Facing Tool).


Carpentry Shop

Universal Wood Working Machine , Wood Turning Lathe (6’ bed) , Jack Plane (Iron, Wooden), Measuring Tools(Try Square, Steel Rule, Measuring Tape etc.) , Saw (Rip Saw, Key Hole Saw, Tennon Saw), Saw Setter Plier, Marking Gauge (Wooden, Aluminum), Files of different types and sizes, Chisel (Firmer, Mortise), Carpentry Bench Vice 8” , Hammer (Cross Pean, Ball Pean), Pincer 6” , Combination Stone, Gimlet.


Welding shop

MIG Welding Set (250 Amp), TIG Welding Set (300 Amp), Spot Welding Set (10 KV), Arc Welding Set (350Amp), Welding Cable , Welding Holder , Pipe Clamp ½” , Earth Clamp , Tong , Chipping Hammer , Leather Apron , Welding Screen , Flat File Basted 12” , Welding Holder , G- Clamp 6” , Wire Roll MIG Machine 0.8mm , CO2 Gas Cylinder , Argon Gas Cylinder , Leather Gloves.


Fitting Shop

Drilling Machine (Pillar Type), Surface Plate, Bench Vice, HSS Drill Bits of various sizes, Angle Plate 200x150x125 mm, Hammers (Ball Pean, Cross Pean), Measuring Tools (Vernier Caliper, Try Square, Filler Gauge, Plug Gauge, Drill Gauge etc.), Punch (Center, Dot, Number, Letter)


List of student’s laboratories

Sr. No.

Lab name



Heat Transfer Lab

Study of mechanisms of heat transfer: Conduction, Convection, Radiation 


Hydraulic Machines Lab

Study of turbines and pumps used to generate power  


Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Lab

To study the coefficient of performance of refrigerating and air conditioning systems


Internal Combustion Engines Lab

Study of engines of automobiles 2 stroke, 4 stroke, petrol engine, diesel engine


Automobile Lab

Cut section models of automobile parts to study their functioning


Kinematics of Machines Lab

Kinematics of machine parts 


Dynamics of Machines Lab

Dynamics of machine parts 


Strength of Materials Lab

Testing of manufactured pats 


Mechanical Vibrations Lab

Understanding the practical aspects of vibration in engineering systems and its control 


Computer Aided Design/CAM lab 

Understanding the concepts of

CAD/CAM/CAE using softwares like CREO.


AutoCAD Lab 

Understanding the concepts of 2D drafting using AutoCAD


Material Science Lab

Study of microstructure of different materials


Survey lab

Use of modern instruments like

total station and

Electronic theodolite etc.


Building materials & concrete lab

Testing of building materials, their durability of concrete cube testing and initial and final sating time of cement etc.


Soil mechanics lab

Testing of soil regarding permeability, plastic limit etc.


Highway engineering lab

Testing of bitumen, Flash point, crushing value, abrasion test etc.


Structural analysis lab

Study of 2 hinged and 3 hinged arch, moment deflection method


Structure mechanics lab

Study of bonds in brickwork, doors, stairs & beams etc.


Rock mechanics lab

Study of sample of rocks, minerals, folds & faults etc.



Machine Shop, Welding Shop, Fitting Shop, Carpentry Shop

 List of research laboratories

Lab Name


Solar Energy


Solar air heater,solar dryer,solar still

Building Materials and concrete lab

Blending of and innovation in materials

Environmental engineering lab

Study of ph value of water, BOD & COD, turbidity, alkalinity of water sample etc.

Fluid Mechanics Lab

Studies related to fluid motion 


School of Electrical and Computer Science Engineering

List of student’s Laboratories

Lab Name


Computer Lab 1 

Network Security & Cryptography ; Networks ; Unix &

Network Programming; Data Structures  ;  Mobile

Computing ; Java Programming; Project Middleware Technologies ;RDBMS

Computer Lab 2

Optical Fiber Communication; 

Bioinformatics (Biolinux) ; Web Services ; Graphics and

Multimedia ; Object Oriented Programming using “C ++”


Technology Lab 

Algorithm and Design Lab ; Information Technology Lab

Mat Lab 

Matlab ; Scilab

Computer Center 

C & C++    ;   Autocad ; Proe

Analog and Power Electronics

In this lab students will learn about analog electronics like amplifier,

In this lab SCR, DIAC, TRIAC experiments were performed to learn the

Television Engineering

Students will learn the complete working of monochrome and color

Microprocessor and Microcontroller

In this lab students will learn basic programing of

Microprocessors as Microprocessors are being used in a wide range of communication equipment’s like: in digital telephone sets, telephone exchanges, in television, satellite communication, etc.

Interfacing with different peripherals like LCD, A/D

Converter, Keypad, Stepper Motor etc. and students will also learn the programing of microcontroller

Digital Electronics

We know there are two types of signals, one is analog or continuous signal and the second one is Digital or discrete signal. Now coming to the area of Digital Electronics

Basic Electronics Engineering Lab

in basic electronics lab students will learn about the basic components used in electronics

Basic Electrical Engineering Lab

in basic electronics lab students will learn about the basic components used in electronics 


Measurement and


in this lab students performs practical related to the instrumentation and measurements and at the end they were able to do measurements


Measurement and


in this lab students performs measurements and at the end they were able to do measurements

Microwave Engineering

In today’s life Microwave frequencies are used in various fields and in this lab students will learn how to use microwave frequencies in fields like communications etc.

 List of Research Laboratories

Lab Name


Cyber Security

Research Lab (In Collaboration with Cyberoam) 

Network Security & Cryptography ; Networks

; Unix & Network Programming; Data

Structures  ;  Mobile Computing ; Java

Programming; Project Middleware

Technologies ;RDBMS


Open Source Lab (In Collaboration with IIT Bombay)

Open source  Software : 

Scilab, Linux, and many more