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Teaching Methodology

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Our System of Education

Shoolini University has adopted a continuous education system with two semesters in an academic year. Each semester is of 18-22 weeks and ends with an examination followed by a break, which is usually spent on industrial/ vocational training and educational tour to meet the degree requirements.

Each course has a well defined syllabus with specified number of credit hours for theory and practical classes. The research component also forms a part of the curriculum.

The credit hours are regulated as follows:

1. One credit hour of theory is one hour of class room teaching.

2. One credit hour of practical is two hours' of teaching in the laboratory/workshop.


As per UGC guideline no student will be allowed to appear in theory and practical end-term semester examination if he/she does not fulfill 75% of attendance. As per academic regulations, the following marks will be awarded for attendance:

95 Percent and above

5 Marks

90-94 Percent

4 Marks

85-89 Percent

3 Marks

80-84 Percent

2 Marks

75-79 Percent

1 Mark

As per the UGC guidelines, Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) has been adopted from 2015-2016.