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School of Biological and Environmental Sciences

The strength of the School lies in its unique focus on the conservation of Himalayan Biodiversity, which positions the School well to exploit growing funding opportunities and to develop strong student interest in sustainable utilization of environmental resources. Research interests of the School are unique that range from conservation and evolutionary ecology to environmental processes highlighting:

  • Impact of climate change on productivity and nutrient dynamics of trees, crops & soil in different land use systems
  • Abiotic stress studies in relation to growth and development of flora in North-Western Himalayas
  • Morphological, biochemical and physiological variations in plants of Western-Himalaya
  • Research and development in agroforestry and forestry (natural and plantation) to enhance productivity, carbon sequestration and livelihood options in the Himalayas
  • Vegetative propagation of forest and agroforestry tree species o Altitudinal variations in biodiversity (flora & fauna) o Sex determination in dioecious plants at juvenile stage using biotechnological tools
  • Impact of water pollutants on the aqauatic fauna especially fishes of Himachal Pradesh 
  • Plant biodiversity and chromosomal polymorphism of  the Himalayan trees

School of Chemistry

The School of Chemistry is actively engaged in the area of sustainable chemistry to solve the issues related to the need of alternative green materials and clean environment. In continuing its research efforts in sustainable chemistry, the School succeeded in generating research grant form different national organizations. The detailed list for the main research thrust areas is as follows:

  • Green/ sustainable chemistry- Synthesis and characterization of alternative green materials by novel approach.
  • Innovative Nano-materials or Photo-catalysis for water purification.
  • Heterocyclic chemistry: Biomass conversion into value added chemicals.

School of Physics and Materials Science

The School in alliance with the university research philosophy is focusing its research efforts on materials science and experimental high energy physics. The major thrust areas of the School are exploration of fundamental building of universe, understanding of the Parton Distribution Functions, Energy harvesting and different type of sensors. To promote the global competencies of the students the international research and ethical standards are followed by the School. Following four research thrust areas have been identified by the funding agencies:

  • Physics beyond Standard Model using lepton and quark.
  • Fabrication and characterization of nano magneto-dielectric materials for patch antenna.
  • Nano magneto-dielectric materials for high frequency applications.
  • Synthesis and characterization of nano-ferrities for the development of radar absorbing materials.
  • Energy harvesting using piezoelectric materials.
  • Solar energy, solar passive buildings and zero energy buildings.