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Basic Sciences

Faculty for School of Biological and Environmental Sciences Faculty for School of Chemistry
Faculty for School of Physics and Materials Science


Shoolini’s Faculty of Basic Sciences is dynamic and progressive in its development of new programme initiatives committed to provide quality instruction to students. The faculty comprises three schools:

i) School of Biological & Environmental Sciences

ii) School of Chemistry

iii) School of Physics & Materials Science

Highlights of the course:

1. The faculty is well placed to contribute substantially to the goal of Shoolini  becoming a research-led organisation.

2. The teaching is by way of interactive sessions between students and teachers.

3. Our programmes ensure a coherent degree structure while encouraging interdisciplinary approach.

4. The faculty members keep themselves abreast with new findings through regular academic activities such as seminars, workshops and conferences.

Research Impact:

1. Have developed liaisons with research institutions of repute in India and abroad.

2. A number of research projects, to be funded by national bodies, are in the pipeline.

3. Our research-led teaching paves the way for entry into different careers since it equips students with advanced transferable skills in information gathering, analysis, and presentation, which are vital tools in the field of science.

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