Dr. M. S. Thakur

Faculty of Engineering & Technology

BE (PEC Chandigarh), M Tech. (IIT Bombay), PhD (USA). Former Engineer-in-Chief HPPWD Govt. of HP (Additionally, B Tech. CSE, (Thapar University). MCA (Thapar University), DIM, PGDIM, PGDFM, MBA (IGNOU) , IES.  

  1. Ravi Kant, Prof. P. L. Goel, and Prof. M. S. Thakur, title “Study of structural behaviour of class C fly ash based geopolymer concrete beam”, in International Journal of Advance Engineering and Research Development, Vol. 3, Issue 3, Feb. 2019, pp. 109-115
  2. Ravi Kant, Prof. P.L. Goel, and Prof. M. S. Thakur, title “Studies on Behaviour of Flexural Strength and Modulus of Elasticity of RCC Beams” in the International Journal of Civil Engineering and Technology (IJCIET), Vol. 9, Issue 10, Dec. 2018

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