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Shoolini's BBA and B.Com (Hons.) students who joined some leading companies during placement, share their experiences with us!

Shoolini's BBA and B.Com (Hons.) students who joined some leading companies during placement, share their experiences with us!


Shivam Bhardwaj. Bank of America

My Name is Shivam Bhardwaj, I still remember my first day when I got admission in Shoolini University when I considered myself an average performer. But this university gave me plenty of confidence combined with learning. With the support of my faculty, I find myself a totally changed person. I am now placed in Bank of America right after my graduation. This is the right platform anybody could wish for. Thank you Shoolini!


NeelKamal. Bank of America

My name is NeelKamal. I was recently placed in Bank of America for which the entire credit goes to my University and my faculty. Shoolini University has changed me completely in these three years. Studies have been easy with the help of euniv. Just after my graduation, I have got a fantastic job. What else would anybody wish for? My message to everyone is that they should stop wasting time and come straight to Shoolini


Akshita Khar. Bank of America

I am Akshita Khar from Jammu & Kashimir. I have just completed my graduation in BBA. My key interests are HR and Marketing. Shoolini University gives its students ample opportunities to voice their opinions. This starts with the open mode of learning, a Knowledge Centre that is open 24 hours and a dedicated and friendly faculty. Annual tech fests and other events that are completely organized by students give us confidence and ability to do live problem solving. This opportunity with Bank of America is a great opportunity for freshers like me to start our careers Thank you Shoolini for bringing me this far!!


Kriti Kailashi.Genpact

My name is Kriti Kailashi. I completed my graduation from Shoolini University and have been selected in one of the most renowned company – Genpact. The journey in Shoolini has been beautiful and everyone here has always encouraged me to do better. I’m thankful to Shoolini for giving me such a big opportunity in Genpact which will be just the right foundation stone for building my career.


Shubham Gupta. Genpact

My name is Shubham Gupta. I completed my graduation with Shoolini University. This university has provided us with great opportunities. Life in this campus is vibrant and always full of excitement. I got my placement in Genpact and I want to thank my University for giving me such a big opportunity to start my career


Supriya Sharma. Genpact

I’m Supriya Sharma, student of Shoolini University. From my own experience I can say that Shoolini University is the best place to study. This university has made me punctual, hardworking and responsible in my everyday activities. The faculty here is extremely supportive and have a great relationship with their students. All of us have several opportunities here to enhance our skills and extracurricular abilities. I have been placed in Genpact( one of the top global professional services firm) and there is no doubt that Shoolini played a major role in shaping my career.


Kritika Chandel. SBI Mutual Fund

My name is Kritika Chandel. Three years ago I joined Shoolini University to pursue my higher education. Recently I have been selected by SBI Mutual Fund. The University played a very important role in building my confidence level, knowledge, communication skills etc All this all was possible because of the Faculty of the University who take personal interest in each and every student. Education is the king of investment and Shoolini is the best place to get the best returns of yours investment. Being a proud Shoolinian I believe that this the best place to study.


Kritika Khasyap.SBI Mutual Fund

I’m Kritika Khasyap. All I want to say is that Shoolini University is the best in education and class environment. The faculty is friendly and willing to guide us at every step. Everybody here is so supportive that you feel as if Shoolini is your extended family. I got placed in SBI Mutual Fund which is a great starting point for my career. I am indeed proud that I chose Shoolini!!


Sheetla. Verdhman

I’m Sheetla. I have done my B.Com with Shoolini University. I would like to thank Shoolini University and the placement cell for all their support. Because of all of you, I got an opportunity to excel in my area of interest by getting placed in such a reputed organization like Vardhman. That was my happiest day and I feel very proud of my placement. Shoolini has taught me to believe in myself and filled me with confidence


Shivani Sharma. Verdhman

I am Shivani Sharma student of Shoolini University of Biotechnology and Management Sciences. My life at Shoolini University is something I will cherish forever. Shoolini University has provided me a great platform to excel in my career. My skills have improved immensely. I am able to speak confidently in front of many people because of motivating activities and a unique program called SPRINT. I have been placed in Vardhman which is such an exciting place to start my career. I am thankful to the training and placement cell of Shoolini University for providing me a platform to enhance my skills and opportunity to succeed in my life.



My name is PrashantNegi. I am from Kinnaur. I have recently completed my B.BA and was immediately placed in Vardhman. This campus gives you complete support and personalized attention. It encourages you to dream big. I feel very proud being a part of Shoolini University.


Bikram Bhadur.Vardhman

My name is Bikram Bhadur. I am from Punjab. I have completed my B.Com and got placed in Vardhman. My University played the role of a Game Changer in my life. Everyone here encouraged me to do well not only in academics but also pursue my passion in dancing. Being a part of Shoolini University was really a wonderful experience, I feel very proud to be Shoolinian!!