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Foundation Stone of cancer research station laid

Shoolini University has received its first private endowment fund to set up a Centre for Cancer Research in the University campus. The endowment fund of Rs one crore has been given by Mr Raj Khosla, a Thailand-based philanthropist and entrepreneur.

Shoolini University would release a marching grant for the establishment of the Centre, according to its Vice Chancellor Prof P K Khosla.

The foundation stone for the Centre was laid by Mr Khosla’s wife Mrs Veera Khosla who said that the Centre would carry out research in the area of cancer biology to understand and control the disease. Mr. Raj Khosla said he was deeply impressed by the cancer research performed at Shoolini University. He said that he is sure that the cancer research work being carried out by Shoolini University will help all the sufferers throughout the globe by working on Cancer Immunotherapy, modulating redox behaviour, Drug discovery through natural products, Nano-carriers for Drug delivery, epigenetic regulation and Yoga Intervention.

In the recent past, Shoolini University published several research articles and patents covering various aspects of cancer biology.

The Vice Chancellor said that the Centre is likely to be completed and made operational within one year.