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The placement committee at the campus works around the clock: Ashish Saini

Ashish Saini has been placed with Liechtenstein-based manufacturer Hilti at a package of Rs. 12 lacs p.a. He completed his B.Tech and management from Shoolini University. As he looks forward to a bright future ahead, we ask him to talk about how he prepared for the interview and his key to a successful placement.

What was your campus placement experience like?

Well, it has been awesome. Shoolini University is doing a great job by inviting multinational companies to campus. All the professors put in their level best to help us prepare for the interviews along with the workshops and lectures conducted by industry experts to impart practice essence to the theoretical knowledge. Experts from all across the globe visit Shoolini University and motivate us to bring out our best.

The placement committee at the campus works around the clock to ensure all students get selected in the best companies. I have seen them coming to the university even on Sundays without thinking about their own social life. Hats off to the placement team.

12 lakh Shoolini University Placements Ashish Saini

How are you feeling with your latest achievement?

It’s a dream come true. However, I don’t want to stop here. I want to work hard and make a name for myself and tell the world that it’s important to pursue your goals. I come from a small town in Himachal Pradesh where we are often taught not to dream big. However, with the guidance of our professors, I have been able to earn a good package for myself.

Tell us something about your preparation for the interview.

During the first year of my MBA, Prof. Narinder Verma had given us one assignment in which we had to write our short term goal by using a SMART Goal technique which he had taught in class on that day. I wrote, “I want campus placement of 12 Lakhs per annum that is one lakh per month before 7th December, 2018 in the field of marketing, and in return, I am ready to give my time, follow self-discipline, wakeup early, practice daily, and was willing to work on every flaw with persistence and determination. I had pasted this goal on my bedroom wall and followed it religiously.  I am fortunate enough to achieve this short term goal of my life before 7th December, and that too with the same package.

How will you rate your experience with placements at Shoolini?

I will only say that Shoolini does what it says. Last year Shoolini started “Mission 130” for students and they have been truly committed to their words, work, and also towards the mission of placement of students, which shows their core values on which Prof. P.K. Khosla and Prof. Atul Khosla have built this university.

What are you doing to prepare for the new challenge?

I want to be the best public speaker the world has ever had. To hone my skills, I practice daily in front of the camera to enhance my oratory skills. Shoolini University has taught me to dream big, and to work hard to achieve all my goals.

Do you have something or someone that inspires you?

Coming from Mandi, I belong to a middle class family where the society is very conservative. As a kid, I was not allowed to dream big because if you fail, the entire society would make fun of you. However, when I met the Vice Chancellor of Shoolini University, Mr. P.K. Khosla, I was inspired. If he can achieve what he has achieved at this age, then why can’t I. He has been a true inspiration and a great mentor. I will always be thankful to Shoolini University and will never be able to express my admiration in words.