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Workshop on importance of IPR and GIs in protecting knowledge

Shoolini University of Biotechnology and Management Sciences recently organized an awareness workshop on the importance of Intellectual Property Right (IPR) and Geographical Indications (GIs) in academics. The workshop was attended by over 225 delegates and experts from different parts of the region.

Intellectual Property (IP) is a method to protect knowledge legally. The IPR cell and Faculty of Applied Sciences and Biotechnology of Shoolini University jointly organized the workshop with the State Council for Science, Technology, and Environment(SCSTE), Shimla.

Joint member secretary of SCSTE and Chief Guest at the occasion Kunal Satyarthi briefed the audience about the role of Himachal Pradesh Patent Information Center (HPPIC) and SCSTE. He also spoke about recent government-led initiatives that aim to create a biodiversity board at the level of gram panchayats for protection of traditional knowledge and indigenous GIs.

Other speakers at the workshop were Dr. Archana Thakur and Ankush from SCSTE, who stressed on the importance of art search and trademarks; DrNandan from MAU, Baddi, who talked about the need for copyright; Director Corporate IP Consultants Chandigarh Dr. Parikshit Bansal, who mentioned the significance of IPR to students and scientists.

Shoolini University coordinator of IPR cell, Prof. Kamal Dev mentioned that the university has filed 37 Indian patents and 3 international Patents (PCT).  The Shoolini IPR cell is a leader in the region when it comes to filling patents. So far it has filed patents in areas of drug development, novel and effective diagnostics and therapeutics, water and effluent treatment, novel industrial enzymes, phytomedicines and more. The cell works closely with HPPIC & SCSTE