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Shoolini Alumni Jasmine Kaur Wins Ph. D. Scholarship at Griffith University

Successful student alumni of Shoolini University, B.Tech student Ms. Jasmine Kaur has been selected for a Ph.D. program at Griffith University, Australia. She is going to work on the topic “Development of a Preventive Vaccine for Cancer Patients after Surgery”  under the supervision of Prof. Ming Wei.

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Jasmine will be getting a scholarship amount of AUD$32000 for tuition fee and AUD$23000 towards stipend every year. The scholarship will be for a period of three years. Jasmine will be joining for this program in February 2018.

After completing this program, she availed the exchange student program that Shoolini runs with Gachon University in Korea. With the help of this exchange program, she was also able to get a scholarship to pursue her M.Tech in Gachon University, South Korea in 2015. Talking about her experience at the Korean university she says, “At Gachon University, I gained a lot of research experience and published various research articles. My research technique was also sent for patent which led me to get nominated for the best student of the department. I was finally awarded the topper (92%) and the best student of the Department of Food Science and Biotechnology at Gachon University.”

 She was a B. Tech Biotech student of Shoolini University, who completed her degree in 2015. Talking of the contribution Shoolini University (Top Universities in india for Engineering) has made towards her career development, she gives credit to Shoolini University. “Particularly to Dr. R.P. Dwivedi, Dr. Anshul Sharma and Prof. P.K. Khosla who are the key people and are like lighthouse by enlightening the students with their international student exchange program”, she concludes.