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Shoolini University Signs MoU with NutraHelix

If Understanding (MoU)” that will facilitate cooperation between the two organizations to carry out collaborative research in the areas of food technology, nutrition, agribiotech and other aspects of biotechnology, and technology development on the research outcome.

Main cooperative activities covered under the MoU include the following:
1.To develop joint project proposals for collaborative research in aforesaid areas.
2.To carry out technology development on the outcome research leads for industrial application in food technology, nutraceuticals and functional food products.
3.To facilitate short term visits of Shoolini University faculty/ scientists and NutraHelix scientists / associates between the two organizations.
4.To facilitate industrial training of students/ scholars of Shoolini University in the areas of research and technology falling under the mandate of NutraHelix.
5.To facilitate specific laboratory work and experiments by NutraHelix scientists/ associates in Shoolini University.

NutraHelix Biotech Pvt. Ltd is a leading Delhi-based biotech industry in nutraceuticals and functional foods research and innovations.