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Shoolini University Receives Support from H.P. Council of Science, Technology & Environment

A proud moment for Shoolini University. H.P. Council of Science, Technology & Environment has sanctioned research project titled “Technological Innovation for Standardization of On-farm Input Generation from Locally Available Resources for Upgrading the Rural Villagers of Himachal Pradesh –  Registration No.:  (“HIMCOSTE (R&D)/ 2018-19-2.1(29)”.  “The principal investigator for this project is Dr. Nikita Thakur, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Biotechnology, Shoolini University. Dr. Somesh Sharma is the Co-investigator.

HIMCOSTE has granted financial support of INR 5,70,000 for a period of 2 years. With principal focus on organic Solutions for Disease control in Vegetables.  The project seeks to contribute to refinement of the recent organic technology for Disease control in Vegetables and Integrated Pest Management. A total of 99 projects were submitted of which about 9 received the grant.

Shoolini University is a research-oriented academic institution which aims at advancing scientific knowledge through discovery and teaching. It focusses on providing in-depth understanding of modern bioscience. The University prides itself on its research findings and has filed more than 200 patents in the span of 9 years.  It explores the applications of biotechnology in industry for food, food products and enzyme production, in plant and animal biotechnology, and in environmental and medical settings.  The curriculum is enriched by the Department’s internationally leading research program, thus arming students with the knowledge and skills requisite to work across the breadth of biotechnological processes.