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Shoolini Students Extend Support to Local Woman Battling Cancer

Shoolini University’s You We Can group, which includes the students of the MBA School, extend a warm hand of friendship and comfort in the local community. As a part of this initiative, members of the group regularly visit Ms. Kamla Devi, a resident of Solan who is currently battling cancer.

For the last visit, the program coordinator Mrs. Poonam Nanda accompanied the group. Having battled cancer herself, Mrs. Nanda highlighted the importance of taking care of one’s health and also extending the same education to one’s family.

Ms. Kamla, the patient, talked about her journey of battling cancer wherein she thought that a surgery would fix everything, following which she became a little complacent about her treatment. She is now taking medication, stating that surgeries are very taxing and invasive. She further told the students that talking about her condition made things easier and that one should not shy away from talking about a health condition or discomfort with others.

She has been looking forward to the group’s visits for a long time and says that meeting the students gives her strength and happiness. The You We Can group aims to create a support system throughout the community and the students learn valuable life lessons in the form of humility, helping others and becoming more empathetic.