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Shoolini Faculty to visit University of KwaZulu-Natal for Collaborative Research

Pursuing its goal of fruitful international associations with institutes of repute in foreign countries, Shoolini University announced its latest collaboration with University of KwaZulu-Natal located in South Africa. As part of the association, one member of faculty from Shoolini shall be visiting the South African University to solidify the relationship.  

Dr. Gaurav Sharma, an Assistant Professor at the School of Chemistry, Shoolini University has been invited to visit South Africa to ensure that both institutes are able to strengthen their joint research projects. The 10-day visit has been fully funded by the host university covering the travel and lodging expenses.

Prof. Gaurav will be visiting the School of Chemistry running under the College of Agriculture, Engineering and Sciences at the South African varsity.  He is going to work with the research group of Professor Genene Tessema Mola on the fabrication of nanocomposite materials for solar energy harvesting and environmental remediation.

The visit intends to focus on areas where both universities can start collaborative research. Apart from interacting with the faculty, Prof. Gaurav will also be visiting laboratories located in the school. Members of both KwaZulu-Natal and Shoolini have published joint research papers in the past.

University of KwaZulu-Natal came into existence in 2004 after the merger of University of Durban-Westville and the University of Natal. Spread over five campuses, the university has five colleges under which 19 schools are currently running.

Terming the visit as a wonderful opportunity for the faculty and university, Shoolini University Vice Chancellor Prof. PK Khosla said, “International cooperation, particularly in the areas of academics, research and student and faculty exchange are integral part of the education system at Shoolini. This visit will further boost our efforts in these areas.” He added that Shoolini would welcome a similar visit by members of KwaZulu-Natal family.