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Shoolini engages in Joint Curriculum Engineering Project for Royal Academy of Engineering, London

Shoolini University of Biotechnology and Management Sciences  will be working on an engineering project funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering, London. This ‘joint curriculum development’ program will be conducted by Shoolini University and Cranfield University, UK. Good curriculum development will give a tremendous boost to the engineering program currently being run at Shoolini University.

Worth over £50,000,this project will focus on developing a curriculum around Advanced Manufacturing Technology. Realizing the need for practical engineering skills among students, this program would include substantial modules of industry insights.

The theme of the project is Nanomaterials and its applications. The project will be divided into three parts. It will begin with research in Nanomaterials and engineering to be carried out by Cranfield University. Next, the universities will align curriculum for Indian engineering students with their UK counterparts. The third part will involve sharing knowledge and expertise gained through the project with other universities and institutes.

The joint curriculum development project will lead to exchange of superior knowledge and expertise between the two universities. Both universities may also sign a MoU during the project. Shoolini University is already engaged in advance research in the field of nanotechnology in its Himalayan Center for Excellence in Nanotechnology. At Shoolini University, this new project will be coordinated by School of Physics and Materials Science professor Dr. Atul Thakur.

The knowledge gained via the project could be used for multiple purposes such as enhancing research work, formation of policy, improving education and entrepreneurship.