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MNRE Ministry Allows Shoolini University To Develop A ‘Green Campus’

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy Resources (MNRE) awarded a Green Campus status to Shoolini University. As part of the permission, a sum of Rs. 5,00,000/- has been approved by MNRE to carry out electricity audit, water audit and to prepare DPR for a period of one year. 

The project was prepared and submitted by Prof. (Dr.) Muneesh Sethi, Dean Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Dr. Ranchan Chauhan, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering and Dr. Atul Thakur, Professor Nanotechnology and Material Sciences. This project will help Shoolini University to use maximum amount of renewable energy technologies like Solar Thermal, Solar Protovoltaic Technologies, Solar Steam Cooking, Solar Water Heating and Wind Energy. 

This step will strengthen the vision of the university to be at top 200 Global universities by 2022. The university is already running projects amounting to Rs. 20 crore. This project is also helpful for the UG & PG students of the university and to the young minds who want to pursue their career with the university.

Shoolini University is the only university which has been approved to develop its campus as a green campus in Himachal Pradesh.