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Mission 130 launched for 100% employability

Shoolini University is now the first university of the region to announce an initiative to work towards 100 percent employability for its students. Called the “Mission 130” programme, the university will work towards preparing graduates for better job opportunities and by partnering with top companies to attain its objective which aims at 100 percent employability for its graduates in quality jobs, while 30 percent will be able to pursue great careers.

Shoolini University aims for 100% employability

Prof. P.K. Khosla, Vice Chancellor said, “Shoolini University has an exceptional record for providing placements to its students. Keeping our past record in mind, we are today announcing the programme”, adding, Shoolini MBA students have had 100 hundred placements for many years.

The university today also announced that Vivek Atray, former IAS officer, and Col. Bikram Ahluwalia, Executive Director (External Relations) have also joined hands with Shoolini to push the mission. Other members of the team include Atul Khosla, Founder and Trustee, and Pro-Vice Chancellor of Shoolini University, Vipin Pubby, Former Editor at The Indian Express and Arvind Nanda, Director General (External Communications) Shoolini University.

Vivek Atray, who will be the Professor and Senior Advisor with the Shoolini University said, “I am extremely happy to be advising Shoolini University as an Independent Advisor. I plan to help them take forward their Mission 130 and their efforts at building a top-class leadership programme. The research and innovation oriented vision of the founders matches with my own thinking and that is why I agreed to advise them.”

Giving the information about Mission 130 Programme, Prof. P.K. Khosla said, “We now seek to extend our successes in student employability to a new aspiration - mission 130 - 100 hundred employability to all Indian graduates, thirty percent in world class careers. It is our belief that all Indian graduates have to get gainfully employed for India to unleash its demographic dividend and become a successful nation.” The V-C said, “If we can prove Mission 130 with Shoolini students, we can then transfer our learnings across the region and India. Educational institutions of higher learning will all have to come together to make this possible.”

Shoolini 100% employability

Mission 130 includes partnerships with top global and Indian companies and upskilling of students to the needs to these companies. Shoolini University is talking to a leading technology Multi-National Company (MNC) on a partnership in robotics and data mining. Students under the Mission will also go through rigorous upskilling of soft skills through Shoolini’s own SPRINT programs and other methodologies.

“Some of the best companies on India and MNCs hire Shoolini students like the ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, LG Electronics, and Tata to name a few with an average salary is Rs 6.5 lakhs. Even in engineering and science, and other areas more than 80 percent of Shoolini students have got placed in quality companies”, said Khosla.