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IIT Prof. Bhuvanesh Gupta Sheds Light on Chemistry & Biology Working Together for Human Welfare

Professor Bhuvanesh Gupta from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi was at Shoolini University recently where he presented his views on the latest developments in the field of polymers for the betterment of human beings. He shed light on an IIT research being conducted for the welfare of humans and for advancements in the medical field.

Gupta was talking about a new dressing developed by IIT researchers that ensures 98% scar prevention. This development of an advanced wound healing technique  by IIT is being seen as a big achievement as it also involves an antimicrobial dressing that prevents the infection from spreading further. Incorporating drugs into the dressing makes them makes them antimicrobial. 

Experts have produced nanosoy reinforced dextran nanocomposite wound care membranes based on pectin, gelatin hydrogels for enhanced wound healing. It contains nanosilvernanohydrogels (nSnH) of polymethacrylic acid along with Aloe vera and curcumin that promote antimicrobial, wound healing and infection control properties. Moreover, such a dressing causes minimal or relatively less pain on removal, as compared with conventional methods. The team of expert researchers from IIT have been successful at testing this advanced dressing technique on animals. Next, they are planning to launch human trials.

“The interest lies in the development of the functional nanogel which has the tendency to interact with the biomaterials surfaces and make them antimicrobial. The nanosilver gels prepared in our laboratory exhibit a number of properties that have not been seen before”, said Gupta during his lecture.

Shoolini University appreciates such efforts and itself strives to engage in similar endeavors. Researchers and professor at the university currently working in the field of chemistry and biology are enthusiastic about this new development by IIT.