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HIMCOSTE Recognizes Shoolini's Efforts - Sanctioned Research & Development Project

H.P. Council of Science, Technology & Environment has sanctioned a research & development project on “Efficiency Improvement of Packed Bed Solar Thermal Energy Storage Using Different Fin Shapes on Absorber Plate in Solar Air Collector”, which was submitted by Dr. Rajesh Kumar (PI), Head School of Physics and Materials Science and Dr. Anil Kumar (Co-PI) Assistant Professor of School of Mechanical and Civil Engineering, Shoolini University.

The aim of the project is to analyze various studies in which different turbulence promoter elements (ribs, baffles) were used to enhance heat transfer with a minimum pressure drop. The main purpose of this project is to increase the thermal performance of solar air collector by providing various fin configurations underside of the absorber surface.

HIMCOSTE has granted financial support of INR 6,50,000 towards the project. The Council received a total of 99 projects from several prestigious universities, including IIT, NIT, and other Private and Government Universities. The comprehensive financial aid bagged by Shoolini University will help the tribal and rural people of Himachal Pradesh for drying their fruits, room heating and any other related thermal purpose. Because, sometimes Himachal farmers sell their fruits at very low prices during the harvest season because they cannot store or preserve their surplus products. The use of fins has been proved to be an effective way of enhancement of thermal performance of various heat exchanger (i.e solar air collector). Expected contribution of this project is to increase the thermal performance of packed bed thermal energy storage system by providing fins elements on the absorber plate of solar air collector. High degree of stratification in bed improves the thermal performance of the solar air collector. Direct contact between the fluid and solid material results in small temperature gradient in solid. So, high storage temperature is possible.

Shoolini University is the youngest university to be among the top 100 in the government-based NIRF rankings and stands tall amongst the top private universities is India with an outstanding reputation for excellence in research, undergraduate education and postgraduate training. With 40+ global alliances with universities and companies across the globe, Shoolini covers fundamental and applied physics and supports multidisciplinary collaborations, thus fostering the development of new fields. It is committed to provide a positive environment that supports everyone in reaching their potential.