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Dean at Shoolini University joins ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters as board member

Shoolini University dean of Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences and dean of Research & Development, Dr. Neeraj  Mahindroo joined the Editorial Advisory Board of ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters  April 1,2017 to serve a term of two years. 

Prof. Mahindroo's work in the field of medical chemistry influenced ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters, Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Dennis Liotta to invite him to join the board.

ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters is an online academic journal based on medical chemistry. It is published monthly by American Chemical Society. The journal publishes articles on every aspect of pure and applied medical chemistry and its extension into pharmacology. It also publishes studies on the subjects ranging from compound design to optimization, drug delivery, pharmacology and biological evaluation.  

The Editorial Advisory Board of ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters consists of industry, academia and government experts from various branches of medical chemistry. Currently, there are two Indian members part on the board. One of them is Senior Vice-President Cadila Health Care Dr. Mukul Jain who also joined the board with Prof. Mahindroo on the same day.

The members of the Editorial Advisory Board have to give their support to the journal. Their tasks involve acting as reviewer, participating in promotion of journal in the community and contributing to special projects by serving as guest editor or participating in subcommittees.